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When did a Corvette first pace the Indy 500?

Test your knowledge of Chevrolet Corvette history today with this 10-question quiz that we put together. The answers are given to you at the end of the list of questions.

1. What year did the Corvette make its debut?

a) 1953

b) 1955

c) 1960

d) 1962

2. Which engine type does not belong to a Corvette?

a) L-88

b) LG-9

c) LS-6

d) LT-1

3. What size is the L-88 Corvette engine?

a) 327

b) 350

c) 427

d) 454

4. Did Corvette ever have a double overhead camshaft V8?

a) Yes

b) No

5. When did the split window "fuelie" Corvette make its debut?

a) 1957

b) 1963

c) 1966

d) 1961

6. The "SILVER" anniversary Corvette was also the first Corvette to pace Indy "officially." What year was it?

a) 1978

b) 1976

c) 1975

d) 1973

7. In 1990 the ZR-1 "Super Vette" could be identified quickly by its taillights (the regular Corvette has had round taillights since 1961). The ZR-1's taillights were ______ ?

a) Circular

b) Triangular

c) Thinbars

d) Rectangular

8) The Mako Shark & The Mako Shark II were Corvette "concept cars."

a) Yes

b) No

9. Did Chevrolet release a 1983 Corvette, for sale, to the general public?

a) Yes

b) No

10. Chevrolet "never" manufactured an "all metal" Corvette (body).

a) True

b) False


1) a

2) b

3) c

4) Yes.

5) b

6) a

7) d

8) Yes.

9) No. The sixth-generation Corvette had some delays, and arrived in the spring of 1983 as 1984 models. The historically minded found they had been deprived of a 30th anniversary Corvette.

10) True. All Corvette bodies are manufactured with composite materials (like fiberglass).

Dave Menard of Avanti NewsFeatures contributed to this report. You can reach's Hawke Fracassa at [email protected].

Image source: Chevrolet


Jack Tipton (not verified)    May 31, 2011 - 12:28PM

A fun little quiz, but not hard at all. any person the is interested in Corvette's should ace the test. I did get them all correct, but as I said the questions where very simple for anyone with a little Corvette knowledge.