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You Can Own the World's Quickest Stock Boost Hellcat Challenger

Simon Haddad’s Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat was the first to run 9s without added boost or nitrous and it is for sale.


If you follow our covered of the Dodge brand here on TorqueNews or if you follow the world of modern Mopar drag racing records, you likely recognize the car here, owned by Michigander Simon Haddad. Over the past few years, we have talked about several records that Haddad, who goes by Phast Hemi online, has set with his Hellcat Challenger. He set and reset the record for the quickest stock power Hellcat car in the world and when he got into tuning for different types of fuel, he was the first stock boost Hellcat car to run in the 9-second range. Of course, he also set the record for the quickest stock boost Hellcat car with an elapsed time of 9.89, which still hasn’t been bested by any “original” (not Redeye) Hellcat Challenger or Charger.

Now, it goes without saying that Haddad’s driving abilities played a role in setting those records, but at the end of the day, this dark blue Dodge Challenger has proven itself time and time again at one of the quickest near-stock Hellcat cars in the world – and you could own it.

Record-Setting Hellcat
Before getting into the details of the sale, here is a quick rundown on what Simon Haddad and his Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat have achieved over the past few years.

His first big number was a 10.43, which is what he ran with a locked PCM (so stock power) and a full interior, making it the quickest stock power Hellcat car without loads of weight reduction. For all of the numbers discussed below, this Challenger had the full interior, all of the factory emission system components, full factory exhaust and the massive Brembo braking package. Many Hellcat owners have removed the interior and gone to a smaller braking system, but this Challenger still has all of the key stock components inside and out, tipping the scales at roughly 4,600 pounds when it hits the track.

When he unlocked the PCM and was able to tune the car for 260GT race fuel with help from the folks at Injected Engineering, he got down to a 10.04 and when the car was tuned for an ethanol blend, he broke into the 9s, eventually getting down to a 9.89. In addition to being the first stock boost Hellcat car to run in the 9s, it was also the first to hit 140 in the quarter mile, with a best trap speed of 142.06 miles per hour – again, on stock boost.

To this day, the only stock boost Hellcat car to run quicker is a Redeye, which comes with significantly more power, but among “original” Hellcat cars with stock boost – this is the quickest in the world and it is available for sale.

What’s in the Box
Simon Haddad is offering his 2016 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat for sale in two different forms. If you don’t care about running records of your own, you can buy this car for $48,999 in stock form, down to the original Pirelli tires. That is a solid price for a Jazz Blue Hellcat Challenger with Sepia Laguna leather and if you want to own a record-setting muscle car without any intention of backing up those records, this is your best chance.

Better yet, you can also buy this car in record-setting form for $54,250. For that price, you get the larger fuel injectors, the Injected engineering dual fuel pump setup, a one-piece aluminum driveshaft and the unlocked PCM with buyer’s choice of 93, Sunoco 260GT Plus, or e85 calibrations pre-loaded. The only component not included in the same which was included for the record-setting 9.89 run is the 3.09 rear gear set, which has been replaced with the factory 2.62 gears, but for $500 more, Haddad will include those gears as well.

Finally, if you buy the modified package for $54,250, you also get all of the stock components that the upgrades replaced.

We are not sure if the modified purchase price includes the sticky drag radial tires that Haddad used to run in the 9s, but even if it does not, you are only a good set of tires from running in the 9s with a stock boost Hellcat Challenger. Well, provided that you know how to drive, but in any case, the next owner of this modern Mopar muscle car will be able to tell everyone that he or she owns the quickest stock boost Hellcat car in the world.

Click here for more information on buying this record-setting Hellcat Challenger.