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What new vehicle would we buy right now?

As an automotive journalist, it seems that whenever I tell someone what I do for a living, the first thing out of the other person’s mouth is “what is your favorite car” or “what car would you buy right now” so this week, a few of us here at TorqueNews will offer up the vehicles that we would buy if we were shopping right now.

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Automotive journalists know that we have awesome jobs. We spend our days talking about a topic that we truly love while also getting to drive a great many of the hottest and coolest new cars, trucks and SUVs on the market. Because of our in-depth access to the auto industry, we are frequently tapped for advice on buying cars and whenever someone first learns what I do – it seems that almost everyone asks a quick question about my favorite car, what I would buy, the coolest car on the market, etc. I enjoy fielding these questions as I love talking about cars and having received a few emails from readers asking some of these questions, a few of us wanted to offer up the vehicles that we would buy right now.

Update - click the writer's name below for a look at which new vehicles they would buy today!
Aaron Turpen - A Volkswagen, a Ram and a Toyota Hybrid
John Goreham - A Lexus, an Acura and a Honda Hybrid
Patrick Rall - A Ford, a Jeep and an Electric Chevy

Just to be clear, the cars that we will talk about buying this week are realistic vehicles that we could use as daily driven vehicles. This isnt going to be a series of million supercars but instead – we will each pick three vehicles that we believe could fit into our lives as a normal daily driver that we also believe are reasonably priced for what they offer to the buyer. Mind you, this is about buying the vehicle and dealing with all of the costs associated with buying and owning the vehicle in question so these are the vehicles on which we would spend our own hard earned money.

Since almost no one can name a single vehicle that would cover every need, we decided to pick three vehicles – one “normal” daily driver, one high efficiency vehicle and one utility vehicle. The vehicles included in our “current buy” list range from the Toyota Prius C to Ram 2500 with a interesting collection of vehicles in the middle.

Stay tuned to TorqueNews all this week as we bring you a look at the vehicles that we would buy today with an explanation on why these are our choices.

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