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The Top Ten Dodge Charger Show Cars from LX Spring Festival

Today we bring you the second installation in our Top Ten of the 2015 LX Spring Festival, looking at the ten Dodge Charger show cars in Irvine, California that I found to be the coolest in the massive crowd of modern Mopar performance vehicles.

The 2015 LX Spring Festival was held this past weekend in Irvine, California, and more than $12,000 was raised for charity as over 1,000 privately owned examples of the Dodge Charger, Dodge Challenger, Dodge Magnum, Chrysler 300 and Jeep Grand Cherokee filled the parking lot of the Verizon Amphitheater. It was an amazing show for someone who loves Chrysler Group performance vehicles or American muscle in general, and the fact that so much money was raised for local charities.

After attending the 2015 LX Spring Festival in Irvine, California and seeing over a thousand stock and custom modern Chrysler Group performance vehicles, I knew that it would be impossible to bring our readers a look at the scope of the show, so I have picked my top ten favorite models from each type of vehicle on display. Yesterday, I focused on the Dodge Challenger (click here for a look if you missed that piece) and today, I bring you my favorite Dodge 4-door muscle cars.

The Dodge Charger crowd wasn’t quite as big as that of the 2-door Challengers, but the styles of the customized Charger sedans was every bit as diverse as the Challenger. Below are my top ten favorite Dodge Charger sedans from the 2016 LX Spring Festival in no specific order.

From the blue paint to the black and red stripes to the aggressive front fascia and low-but-not-too-low stance, I love everything about this 2nd gen Dodge Charger.

red and black charger rt
This Dodge Charger R/T isn’t heavily modified, but the black and red paint scheme with the halo headlights makes this one sharp looking sedan.

yellow ic charger
This Dodge Charger SRT8 has a wicked stance and a supercharger setup that includes a bright yellow intercooler mounted behind the grille…which is pretty sweet.

drag strip charger lx
This Dodge Charger R/T doesn’t look all that heavily modified, but skinny tires up front, fat Hoosier drag radials out back and a supercharger tucked under the hood, this sedan looks drag strip ready.

2g on 1g charger
Im not a huge Lambo door fan, but this 1st generation Charger SRT8 with a 2nd generation Charger SRT8 front fascia looked great in this unique matte blue paint. I also loved the Charger SRT8 tires on the huge bronze wheels.

military charger
This Dodge Charger SRT8 is a military tribute – a very powerful, very cool military tribute.

matte blue and white charger
This Dodge Charger is very simple, but I didn’t see any other cars on display with this bright matte blue and white paint scheme.

rear wheels out charger
This Dodge Charger SRT8 has a unique stance with the big rear wheels sticking out a bit from the matte black body while the front wheels are tucked tight under the fenders.

matte gret charger
Im not sure what color this car is, but the matte paint (I think that its grey?) with the black and red trimmed hood, the black wheels and the black front splitter made this one of my favorite Chargers.

matte plum crazy charger
I love Plum Crazy and I love matte paint, so this lowered Charger with the custom hood was an easy pick for my top ten list.

Check back tomorrow for our next installation of my Top Ten from the 2015 LX Spring Festival, with the Chrysler 300 being tomorrow's featured vehicle.

This story is updated on May 11, 2018.