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Rick Hendrick pays $225,000 for the first Chevy Volt

Yesterday morning, we brought you the news of the charity auction for the first public-issued 2011 Chevy Volt closing for an impressive $225,000 and today, GM announced that NASCAR team owner Rick Hendrick was the man willing to shell out almost a quarter million dollars for the first electric-powered GM production sedan.

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For those unfamiliar with Rick Hendrick, he was one of the most successful NASCAR race team owners in the history of the sport and over the past few years (or decades?), Hendrick Motorsports has arguably been the top team in NASCAR with an unprecedented 10 team championships. Hendrick Motorsports has been racing Chevrolet’s since their early days in 1984 and Mr. Hendrick owns a group of General Motors dealerships around the southern US – as well as being an avid car collector. Hendrick had this to say about his winning contribution for the 2011 Chevy Volt:
“This was an opportunity to own a piece of history while giving back to the community. I have been a Chevrolet dealer for more than 30 years, and the Volt is one of the most exciting and important new cars since we opened our first dealership in 1976.”

The money that Mr. Hendrick paid for the rights to the first public-issue 2011 Chevy Volt (VIN #2) will go to the Detroit Public Schools with a special focus on the departments of science, math and engineering. These funds will help with programs such as science fairs, robotics competitions and events like the NASA space camp. Chacona W. Johnson, President and CEO of the Detroit Public Schools Foundation also commented on the auction:
“With Mr. Hendrick’s contribution, we have the opportunity to inspire thousands of children to learn about science, technology, engineering, and math. That inspiration will help make Detroit Public Schools students more successful in higher education, and better prepared for careers in the 21st century workforce.”

As a Metro Detroit resident, I would like to thank Rick Hendrick for his contribution to the Detroit Public School system as well as Chevrolet for making this whole auction happened. The 2011 Chevy Volt has begun hitting the streets as of yesterday, beginning the new era of the American automotive and I look forward to my chance to drive GM’s new electric sedan.

Click here for the announcement of the winning bid and click here for more information on this program benefiting the Detroit Public School system.

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