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Put a Flawless 1965 Ford Mustang in Your Game Room for $9,995

Ford Motor Company has announced that those enthusiasts who want to have the ultimate expression of Mustang fan-hood can now purchase a near life-sized 1965 Ford Mustang pool table that brings all of the beauty of the original American pony car right into their game room.


In my travels to automotive events and venues around the country, I have seen plenty of car-themed pool tables but the new 1965 Ford Mustang pool table licensed by Ford Motor Company and offered by the folks at appears to be the first factory-backed example of these game room centerpieces. CarPoolTables designed this ’65 Mustang pool table to be as close to the original as possible and in forming the fiberglass exterior body of this table – the company used actual body panels from an original 1965 Mustang.

Company co-founder Tony Utegaard explains how this 1965 Ford Mustang pool table was created with specs as close to the real thing as possible:
“We go and find the actual car, cut it up, shorten it, weld it together, and then we make molds of the parts. We’ve immortalized the original Mustang so that fans can enjoy their favorite car at home or on the road. We joke in our shop that someday people will be stripping our pool tables for the parts.”

While this 4x8 1965 Mustang pool table is obviously smaller than the real thing with a total length of 119 inches (the actual 65 Mustang is 181.6 inches long). The front and rear portions of the vintage Mustang pool table look remarkably similar to the road going pony car but along the sides, the difference is clear as the majority of the doors have been removed to make this piece of automotive artwork small enough to comfortably fit in a game room. Plus, if it was the actual length of the ’65 Mustang – it would be nearly impossible to shoot from the ends of the table with the surfaced centered front to rear.

Once the body of the 1965 Mustang has been shortened to proper pool table length, the company adds genuine badges, chrome trim, chrome badges and working lights in the front and rear. The 1965 Mustang pool table is available in any color offer from the 1965 model year including Caspian Blue, Champagne Beige, Dynasty Green, Honey Gold, Ivy Green, Midnight Turquoise, Poppy Red, Prairie Bronze, Raven Black, Silver Blue, Silversmoke Gray, Springtime Yellow, Sunlight Yellow, Tropical Turquoise, Vintage Burgundy and Wimbledon White but Rangoon Red (shown above) is the most popular choice. The 1965 Ford Mustang pool table sits on real aluminum wheels wrapped in actual tires but it’s unclear whether you have to check the air or if the tires are filled solid so that maintenance isnt a concern.

This new 1965 Ford Mustang pool table is a gorgeous collectable but it is also a high end pool table with three-piece Brazilian slate and championship quality felt sitting in a hardwood frame. This is the ideal centerpiece for any Mustang collector but it is not for those with small bank accounts – as buying a vintage Mustang in need of some work might cost you less than buying one of these pool tables. The MSRP on is $9,995 so it is substantially pricier than your average championship pool table but if you love the Ford Mustang and you are looking for the pièce de résistance for your collection …it doesn’t get any better than this pool table.