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Public Service Announcement: 2006 Ford Mustang GT Police version stolen

There are a variety of police departments around the United States who use the Ford Mustang for pursuit vehicles and one such car – which was sold by the Harper Woods police department to a private owner in Delaware – was stolen last night while still sporting some of the lighting and police logos left on the vehicle after the sale just two weeks ago.

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The Harper Woods Michigan police force had used the 2006 Ford Mustang GT modified for police service for the past few years but when Mustang enthusiast and administrator of Bill Held Jr came across the Harper Woods Mustang on eBay, he hurried to make his move and buy the high performance police car. Bill is the owner of an original 1985 Ford Mustang Special Service Vehicle along with several other Mustangs so when his chance to buy a modern Mustang police came up, he didn’t waste any time. Bill contacted the Harper Woods police department and filled out the paperwork to purchase the decommissioned 2006 Mustang GT police car, flying from his home in Delaware to the Detroit area to pick it up and drive it home. Unfortunately, less than two weeks after buying the car and taking it home – Bill woke up to find his 2006 Mustang GT police car gone.

Bill contacted local authorities in his area to see if the car had been towed or something to no avail along with contacting the Harper Woods police to let them know that the car had been stolen. When the car was stolen late last night, it was totally unmarked on the driver’s side with electric tape covering the Traffic Enforcement logo on the lower portion of the passenger’s side. There is glue residue on the rear passenger’s side wheelwell from the words Dial 911 with the outline of the word Police on the right front fender. The light bar in the rear window and the front visor LED police lights are still in the car and working but they may be covered right now. There are also working LED police lights on the side mirrors, front fenders and in the grille that are unlike anything on standard production Mustang models so these should also help the car stand out from other black 2006 Mustang GT Coupes. Finally, Bill’s Mustang police car is fitted with optional 18” “fanblade” wheels and Goodyear F1 tires and dual silver stripes down the middle of the vehicle.

You can view more pictures of Bill’s stolen 2006 Mustang GT police car by clicking here and anyone who has any information is asked to contact the Delaware State Police Auto Theft Unit at 302-834-2630 in reference to complaint #06-12-026186. Bill and other Mustang enthusiasts have begun posting about this on various forums, websites and social networking venues but every little bit of publicity could help find the thieves who stole Bill’s 2006 Mustang police car. A reward will be given for information leading to the recovery of the vehicle so in addition to being able to help out an automotive enthusiast, helping find this Mustang could make you a few dollars.

In addition to being a total bummer for Bill Held Jr to lose his 2006 Mustang GT less than two weeks after buying it, this relatively unmarked police car could present a danger to the public as a whole considering that the functioning lights could be used to pull over an unsuspecting motorist. Looking at the fact that this person was shady enough to commit the felony of stealing a car (a police car at that), having this car in the hands of these criminals could let this felon do more damage in posing as a police officer.

Spread the word everywhere that you can and help Bill solve the mystery of his stolen Mustang shown in the image above on the right.

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