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Next generation Ford Mustang could go global

Many expect that the next generation of the Ford Mustang will arrive sometime in 2014 as a 2015 model – marking the 50th anniversary of the famous pony car’s first full year of production and some rumors are indicating that the redesigned Mustang could be sold globally for the first time.

Very little is known about the next generation of the Ford Mustang but in speaking with the German auto publication Auto Motor Und Sport, head of development for Ford Europe Barb Samardzich stated that the next gen Mustang is being built with European pedestrian safety standards in mind. She went on to point out that the decision has not been made to export the new Mustang from the Flat Rock Michigan plant to new European markets but with the 2015 Mustang being ready to face European safety testing – there is a chance that the Mustang will head overseas as part of the One Ford plan.

Should the 2015 Ford Mustang be sold in other markets – the storied American muscle car will become the second global performance offering, following the launch of the Ford Focus ST around the world.
Even though the current exterior design of the Ford Mustang has proven itself to be very popular with consumers, the next generation Mustang is expected to feature a fairly broad redesign. This should include a new chassis design with an all-new look and a lower curb weight through the usage of high tech composites such as new forms of carbon fiber.

Under the hood of the next generation Ford Mustang GT, we would expect to see the 5.0L V8 currently found in the Mustang GT but by 2015, the current 5.0 will be 4 years old so we might get a revamped version with more power. There have long been rumors that there would soon be an EcoBoost powered Mustang and while many have suggested that the 3.5L EcoBoost V6 from the Ford Taurus SHO should be the entry level engine rather than the Duratec 3.7LV6 currently offered. Ford executives have stated that at some point, all Ford vehicles would offer an EcoBoost engine which leads us to believe that even the mighty Mustang will pack this fuel saving tech but while many hope for a twin turbo V6, it has become more likely that there will be an EcoBoost 4-cylinder Mustang packing similar power to the current entry level V6 but with far better fuel economy.

We can expect that, like the current Mustang generation, the next generation of the Ford Mustang will come with an entry level model (packing either an EcoBoost 4-cylinder or a V6), a Mustang GT and a Shelby/SVT GT500. Hopefully we will see the awesome Boss 302 (shown above in Laguna Seca trim) in the next era of the Mustang as well.

Most muscle car buyers don’t care enough the price of gasoline to sway their buying habits away from performance models like the Ford Mustang but if Ford can offer an EcoBoost 4-cylinder with somewhere in the area of 315hp while also offering better than 30 miles per gallon – this could help the Mustang remain popular both at home and in new global markets.

Source: Auto Motor Und Sport