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Ford Fiesta ST's European Video Teaser Before The Debut

Ford Europe has announced on its Instagram account that the next generation Ford Fiesta ST will make its grand debut – presumably in an online video with a professional BMX biker helping with the debut duties of the newest high performance ST product from the Motor Company.

Ford Motor Company hasn’t had anything to say about the next Ford Fiesta ST on any of their North American social media outlets or on their official media information website, but earlier this week, Ford Europe posted the video below on Instagram. The video doesn’t really tell us anything, but the post joining the video states that the next generation Ford Fiesta ST will be revealed on February 24th.

While this applies to the European market, a next generation Fiesta ST shouldn’t be far behind for those sport compact lovers in North America.

Next-Gen Fiesta ST Teaser Video
The Ford Europe Instagram video is short and sweet, showing what we can only presume is the new Ford Fiesta ST racing through a factory while being pursued by a guy on a BMX bike. As the white hatchback blasts out of the building and slides sideways across the wet pavement, the mysterious bike-rider flies through the air in the background.

Every shot of the new Fiesta ST comes and goes so quickly that it is tough to catch a clear glimpse of the front end in a near-enough shot to see what might be different. However, as seen above, we do get a good look at the back end – which reveals new taillights and new sculpting to the rear fascia.

The video starts with the ST logo, but there is no information in the video. However, with the description reads as follows: “Next Generation Ford Fiesta ST. On February 24, we reveal everything.”

The video might be vague, but that comment leaves to question as to what Ford Europe has planned for tomorrow. Since there are no details about where the debut will take place, I am guessing that it will be an online event sorts, possibly including an on-site debut for media members in whatever country the debut takes place. For example, when the new Ford Focus RS for the global market debuted online with Ken Block at the wheel, the video closed with Block bursting into a room full of German journalists for a little hoonage.

In fact, Ford Fiesta vehicles are very popular in Europe, says Dale Gillespie, Digital Marketing Manager of UK based Jennings Ford Direct. "Ford Fiesta ST Line are the most popular cars in the UK at the minute First quarter was phenomenal as Ford have some great deals such as 0% Apr on at the minute plus here at Jennings we want to clear stock ready for the all new fiesta in June so have been heavily discounting the fiesta, as a result he set a new company record quarter Q1 2017," Gillespie wrote to in a written statement.

European Debuts Prefaces American Arrival
Since this information comes from Ford Europe without any similar posts from Ford North America, I am inclined to believe that this new Ford Fiesta ST is a European market model. Because of this, the next gen Fiesta ST for the US market might not be identical, but with Ford’s big push global performance cars – there should almost surely be a similar introduced for the US in the near future.

We will talk more about the new Fiesta ST after tomorrow’s debut, but in the meantime, check out the video below of what is likely the newest Ford performance car in action.