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Need for Speed: The Run shows off their Porsches in a new trailer

Less than two weeks after we brought you the news that the eagerly awaited Forza Motorsports 4 will not have any Porsche models because Electronic Arts (maker of the Need for Speed series of games) owns the gaming rights to all Porsche models, EA has offered up a new trailer video of Need for Speed: The Run – which just so happens to show off a couple of their Porsche models.


Need for Speed: The Run is expected to be like no other driving game ever offered – with gamers racing across the country in a variety of high end vehicles which includes the all-new 2012 Porsche 911 Carrera S. This video (which you can view below) shows a black 2012 911 Carrera S tearing across a variety of surfaces as well as playing a little cat and dog with another 911 in white. In making this latest video showing actual gameplay footage of NFS: The Run, Electronic Arts not only reminds Porsche enthusiasts that their games will feature Porsche vehicles but it also points out that they have the exclusive gaming introduction of the all-new 911 Carrera S.

Sure, it might be a coincidence that just weeks after the makers of Forza Motorsports 4 openly complained about the fact that EA will not allow them to pay for usage of Porsche models, EA offers a video of Need for Speed: The Run showing those very models. However, in the world of marketing and advertising specialists spending so much time trying to show what comparative advantage their product has over the competition, the people promoting the Need for Speed series are wise to point out to enthusiasts that they will have the best and brightest Porsche models while the new Forza Motorsports 4 won’t have any Porsches at all. It should be noted that FM4 will have a couple RUF models which are heavily modified Porsche vehicles but there will be no 2012 Porsche 911 Carrera S and while NFS: The Run really isn’t in the same realm of gaming as Forza 4, EA could attract Porsche fans to their newest NFS game. Also, with rumors that EA plans to cultivate their Shift series which takes direct aim at the likes of Gran Turismo 5 and Forza Motorsports 4, all of this attention at the fact that NFS has Porsche while FM4 does not could help to keep gamers waiting for a new Need for Speed simulator.

The other side of the coin is that Forza Motorsports 4 is expected to reinvent the racing simulation experience so the folks at EA are going to need more than just Porsche to take a real shot at the popularity of Microsoft’s Forza series. Check out the video below for another great look at the gameplay of the upcoming Need for Speed: The Run which shows more cross country action behind the wheel of the new 2012 Porsche Carrera S.

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Image captured from the EA video shown above.