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Porsche Designs builds a high performance bicycle

The folks at Porsche Designs have entered yet another new market as they have introduced a line of high performance bicycles offering high performance features – and a very high price.


The new Porsche Designs bicycles have taken a similar approach in their lineup to the Porsche vehicles, with the two models being the Porsche Bike S and Porsche Bike RS (Rennsport). The Bike S is the entry level, with a lightweight aluminum frame weighing just 26.5 pounds. The aluminum Porsche Bike S rides on a set of 29” DT Swiss rims wrapped in low rolling resistance tires designed to offer great wet traction and a set of Magura hydraulic brakes provides excellent stopping power. Finally, the Bike S features an 11-speed Shimano Alfine transmission setup and a maintenance free toothed belt drive system.

The Porsche Bike RS is for someone who demands the most out of their bicycle and the carbon fiber module monocoque chassis weighs just 19.8 pounds (the seat neck, front fork and handle bars are also carbon fiber). The Bike RS features a similar high end braking system from Magura and low rolling resistance tires but the 29” Crank Brothers racing wheels replace the DT Swiss wheels on the Bike S. The Bike RS also adds a 20-speed Shimano XTR transmission system for precise shifts and a huge range of gearing.

The Porsche Bike S goes on sale in September and comes in small, medium and large and while the Porsche Bike RS will come in the same size options, buyers of the higher end Porsche bicycle will have to wait until October to get their hands on one. It shouldn’t come as any surprise but to own a high performance Porsche bicycle will set you back a pretty penny – with the Porsche Designs website listing the Bike S at 3,300 Euros and the Bike RS starts at 5.900 Euros. For those who aren’t familiar with the exchange rates, that means that based on those prices – American buyers will be paying around $4,775 for the entry level model and a whopping $8,538 for the Bike RS.

That may be a pretty penny for a bicycle (considering that for $9,000, the average American could almost buy a cheaper new car) but for those who want to sport the same “wow factor” on the bike path as they do in their new Porsche car or SUV – it is a small price to pay. Also, considering how much the average Porsche buyer spends on their vehicle and accessories, the cost of the new Porsche Design bicycles are like pocket change.

Source: Autoblog

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