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Meet the World's Most Powerful Hellcat: Glen Watson's Dodge Charger

The Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat is one of the world’s most powerful production cars and it is the world’s most powerful gasoline-powered vehicle with four doors, but Glen Watson’s Hellcat Charger is the most powerful Hellcat Hemi-powered vehicle in the world – packing 1463.84 horsepower at the rear wheels.

The Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat comes from the factory with a supercharged 6.2L Hemi which delivers official figures of 707 horsepower and 650lb-ft of torque. Those numbers make it the most powerful 4-door sedan in the world with a gasoline engine and in stock form, this supercharger super-sedan can hang with supercars when racing in a straight line.

Although the Hellcat Charger is one of the quickest, fastest and most powerful production road cars in the world, one of the key appeals of both Hellcat cars is how easily you can add more power. Simple modifications like pulley swaps and a tune can easily unlock an extra hundred horsepower and with a few other minor modifications – making 1,000 horsepower is very possible.

However, numbers like that aren’t enough for some people and Glen Watson is one of those people. After performing some light modifications on his B5 Blue Hellcat Charger to make it a more formidable foe on the half-mile high speed tracks that Watson frequents, his Dodge sedan spent the winter going through a full drivetrain build.

The result is the most powerful Hellcat car in the world and while he hasn’t gotten to the track just yet, Glen Watson is planning to set some records off of the dyno as well.

The World’s Most Powerful Hellcat
The standard supercharged Hemi in Glen Watson’s Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat measured 6.2L or 370 cubic inches, but the Hemi in his Charger today measures 426 cubic inches. The standard Hellcat Hemi blocked was bored and stroked to add the extra engine volume by A2Speed and Ray Barton Racing Engines and the entire mill was assembled and tuned by Tim Barth - who we have mentioned in more than one record article here on TorqueNews. A set of A2Speed/Thitek ported cylinder heads sits between the stock Hellcat blower, which has been ported, polished and fitted with a 2.75” pulley. The engine internals are fully built and you can read Glen’s full build list below, but it is so long that I won’t spend the time discussing it all piece by piece.

The bottom line is that Glen Watson’s Hellcat Hemi has been massively built with the stock supercharger unit and a massive nitrous setup while the power is sent through a fully built transmission and rear differential. In short, Glen Watson’s Hellcat Charger is fully built and as a result, it is the most powerful Hellcat car in the world.(More on the Next Page)

Just how powerful? Well, figure that a stock Hellcat Charger with the 8-speed automatic will make around 625 horsepower at the rear wheels and some of the quickest Hellcat cars in the world are pushing past the 1,000 wheel horsepower mark.

Watson’s B5 Blue Hellcat Charger made 1,463.84 horsepower at the rear wheels – well beyond double the stock horsepower figures. His car also laid down 1,309.91 rear wheel torque, which is unrivaled by any of the modified Hellcat cars racing around the US so in the world of the Dodge Hellcat cars…none is as powerful as Glen Watson’s Charger.

For those wondering, if we assume a conservative drivetrain loss ratio of 18%, this Hellcat Charger is making around 1,785 horsepower and the crankshaft.

We will keep in touch with Glen and his team as they get this incredible Mopar muscle machine to the track but in the meantime, this is the world’s most powerful Hellcat car.

Full Details of Glen Watson’s Hellcat Charger:
A2Speed / Ray Barton Racing Engines 426 Stock Hellcat Block
ARP Main & Head Studs
Billet Main Caps
Winberg Crankshafts Billet Stroker Crank
Callies Ultra Rods
Custom Diamond Pistons
A2Speed Custom Blower Cam
A2Speed / Thitek Ported Heads w/PSI 1511 Springs
ATI Super Damper 10% OD harmonic balancer
180 degree thermostat
ID 1700 injectors
Ported and polished super charger
2.75" upper supercharger pulley
Nitrous Outlet custom spray bar system 300HP progressive nitrous shot
AFE version 2 CAI KPI
Killer Chiller
FORE Hellcat L4 Triple Pump Fuel System
Snow Performance 310 water/methanol injection system
ARH 2" headers
ARH 3" cat delete pipes
ARH 3" cat back exhaust
Paramount Performance Transmission
Paramount Performance Torque Converter
DSS aluminum driveshaft
2.91 9" DSS differential
DSS 1400HP axles
Speedlogix billet rear trailing arms
Spohn adjustable rear upper lateral control arms
A2Speed/Viking front and rear adjustable drag shocks
TCE Wilwood front and rear drag brakes
Mickey Thompson 275/60/15 Radial Pros on 15" RC Components beadlock rears Triumph Forged 17" x 7" front wheels
6 point roll cage
Drag chute

Image: Dan Joy Photography