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Listen to the a 1000-Horsepower Hennessey Camaro Z1 Roar

The Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 with the Hennessey Exorcist package makes all sorts of glorious sounds and this video lets us hear them all as the 1000-horsepower muscle car stretches its legs and revs its supercharged LT4 engine.

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While there are a great many aftermarket upgrade performance packages for the 6th generation Chevrolet Camaro ZL1, few get as much attention as the Hennessey Exorcist package. The car was named the Exorcist because the Hennessey team designed this package to beat the 2018 Dodge Demon and with more than 950 rear wheel horsepower, examples of the new ZL1 with this upgrade package have run in the 9.50 range – a time which will beat the official time of the 840-horsepower Dodge.

The rivalry created by naming this package the Exorcist plays a big role in the online popularity of the 1,000+ horsepower Hennessey Camaro ZL1, but the fact that the Texas-based tuner makes such great videos plays just as big a role. Today we bring you a look at one of Hennessey’s latest videos and in this clip, we get to watch an Exorcist Camaro ZL1 1LE in action. More importantly, we get to hear this supercharged Chevy muscle car and the sounds made by this car are almost as impressive as the power levels.

Hennessey Camaro ZL1 1LE
The HPE1000 Camaro ZL1 in the video above – also known as the Exorcist package – is serial #12 and as you can see, this car is fitted with the high performance 1LE package as well. The ZL1 1LE is the highest performance option for the Camaro from Chevrolet, so when fitted with the HPE1000 upgrade, this is one of the strongest turnkey packages on sale today. Yes, there are absolutely shops around the country who will custom build your new ZL1 to make far more than a thousand horsepower, but when it comes to making a quick call to a known shop for a high performance build – the Camaro Exorcist is one of the simplest options.

Of course, with a price starting up around $120,000 (including the cost of the car itself), it is also one of the most expensive packages on the market, so the big power and the ease of shipping the car to Hennessey for a build doesn’t come cheap.

However, when the build is complete, Camaro ZL1 owners can enjoy more than 950 rear wheel horsepower thanks to a ProCharger supercharger package that replaces the standard supercharger of the LT4 engine. This aftermarket supercharger setup includes a huge front mount intercooler with a big, loud blow off valve, so in addition to the whine of the supercharger and the roar of the exhaust, this Camaro also has the distinct “whoosh” of the relief valve.

In the video above, the Hennessey-built Camaro ZL1 1LE is storming around a test facility with cameras and microphones mounted all over the car, allowing us to experience the look and sound of the Exorcist in action.
Crank up your speakers and enjoy!

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Dean McManis    July 6, 2018 - 5:32PM

It is a cool beast, and no doubt Very Fast. But $120K is difficult to swallow for ANY Camaro, just for 1000HP bragging rights. The real issue with any RWD performance car on the street with over 600HP is always traction. With most of the advantages of massive HP being lost in a cloud of tire smoke when you sit and spin the rear tires on takeoff. Getting street legal drag radials will help hook up somewhat, but traction is still a problem on the street (where it is too easy to get up to illegal speeds anyway). The regular Hellcat brothers (Challenger/Charger/Trailhawk) are already quicker than 99% of the other factory new cars out there. For that matter the stock Camaro ZL-1 is also a VERY quick car. But for this week's internet bragging rights the Exorcist sounds like it's on top, for now.

William coble (not verified)    July 8, 2018 - 8:29AM

In reply to by Dean McManis

Well that's old news. Performance shops have gone allot further with power on both the camaro and the hellcat. But bottom line is racing! As a witness, the camaro and the hellcat are the top 2 fastest cars out there period. But the hellcat beats it consistantly, EVERYTIME! This is a fact guys. I've been out there as a witness on 1/8 , 1/4 mile and it's always the same boring results. MOPAR is king of the hill with the challenger hellcat. The technology is better, which is faster than gm. Plus the hellcat will take off better with the added weight. So i encourage those car guys to not watch you tube, but go and see for yourself who's the fastest. In fact, recently the new zr1 on the 1/8 mile track was doing times in the mid 7 seconds. The hellcat with 900 hp crank, had 7 flat and some 6.9 times. Yeah. This modifiycation was pulleys, new belt, 3.09 diff, k&n air intake and tune for a 1,200.00 investment. So you be the judge. Go see it all for yourself. Happy car days guys!