The Lincoln MKC Concept

The Lincoln MKC Concept shows a bright future for Ford's luxury brand

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The 2013 Detroit Auto Show introduced the world to the new Lincoln MKC Concept – a great looking compact SUV that should go a long way in proving Lincoln dealerships with the fresh vehicles that the luxury brand so desperately needs.

The Lincoln MKC Concept is based on the same chassis architecture as the Ford Escape and the Ford C-Max but this compact luxury SUV is far more than just a rebadged version of the popular Escape. While the differences might be minor, the MKC differs from the Escape in almost every exterior dimension with a longer wheelbase, a longer overall length, a wider stance, and a lower ride height. On top of the slight differences in the various dimensions, the Lincoln MKC Concept features an exterior design that looks nothing like the popular new Ford Escape.

The new Lincoln MKC Concept shares many of the basic styling directions of the new MKZ midsized sedan and that begins with a similar front end design that we see across the entire current Lincoln brand lineup. In some cases, an automaker who tries to apply a similar style to an entire family of vehicles can go awry when those features are properly fit to the size or shape of the vehicle but in the case of the new MKC Concept – the bold front end treatment looks fabulous. The split wing grille design, with large, prominent upper grille openings that flow out into high tech LED and projection headlights give the MKC the look of something like an MKS or MKZ on steroids. The relation between these vehicles is obvious but surprisingly, the MKC might just wear this front end design better than the production models that share the look.

The longer form of the new Lincoln MKC Concept presents a bolder, more aerodynamic and more luxurious look than the Escape with which it shares a platform while some massive 20” wheels and a low roofline present a low, sleek silhouette – a stark contrast to the upright, very SUV-ish shape of the popular Escape. Unique to the MKC (at least in concept form) is a huge glass roof that is a feature that screams luxury with a basic design that is something that we have loved on a variety of German luxury SUVs. Out back, the MKC wears a gorgeous tail light design that bears a striking resemblance to the new MKZ with a powerful LED treatment that dominates the back end of this curvy SUV. Much like the front end, the back end of the new MKC is one of those features that is really going to wow consumers as – along with the MKZ – this new compact SUV has a much bolder, handsomer look than many of the recent Lincoln models. The MKC doesn’t look like a rebadged Ford because it isnt simply a rebadged Ford and that should equal great things in the sales column once this SUV hits dealerships around the country.

On the inside, the Lincoln MKC Concept is packed full of the luxury amenities that you would expect from a vehicle in the luxury crossover segment like power everything, leather from top to bottom, steering wheel controls for pretty much everything in the cabin and a high end infotainment system that is controlled by a massive touch screen. Lincoln has done a great job of upping their luxury game in the past few years with vehicles like the MKS, the MKX and the MKT so it comes as no surprise that both the production level MKZ sedan and the MKC Concept will feature a level of interior luxury that will allow it to compete with the best from Cadillac and Audi.


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Guys, Lincoln rivals Cadillac, Audi, BMW, Lexus, etc., not Chrysler, Buick, Volvo, Acura, etc.