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Leno's 1-of-1 Supercharged Harley Davidson F150 Headed to Charity Auction

Jay Leno has announced that he will auction off his 1 of 1 2000 Ford Harley Davidson F150 later this month at the Barrett Jackson Auto Auction in Scottsdale, Arizona, with the proceeds going to support the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

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Jay Leno is arguably one of the most famous car collector in the United States, but in addition to collecting unique cars, trucks and motorcycles, Leno will occasionally sell one of his vehicles in order to raise money for charity. Later this month, Leno’s 2000 Ford Harley Davidson Edition F150 pickup will roll onto the Barrett Jackson Scottsdale auction and the proceeds of the truck’s sale will go to help the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

Any vehicle owned by Jay Leno which is being auctioned off for a good cause is likely to draw plenty of bids, but this particular 2000 Ford Harley Davidson F150 is unique. It was built by Ford Motor Company for Jay Leno and under the hood is the supercharged engine from the SVT Lightning F150 – making it the only 2000 Harley edition F150 to get that high performance drivetrain. So this truck was made for a celebrity and owned by that celebrity since it was built, and it was the only truck built with this high performance engine for the 2000 model year.

This F150 is a collector’s dream come true, with plenty of built-in provenance.

Leno’s Harley Davidson F150
Some of you might be thinking that the Ford Harley Davidson Edition F150 always had the supercharger 5.4L Triton V8, but when this package was rolled out for the 2000 model year, the naturally aspirated 5.4L V8 with just 260 horsepower was the standard engine. For 2002, the HD F150 got a detuned version of the SVT Lightning’s blown 5.4L, but in 2000, Ford only built one Harley Davidson truck with the supercharged engine – and they gifted it to Jay Leno.

Technically, Leno’s HD F150 should be the most powerful stock Harley Davidson truck from that entire era, since Ford used the 360hp V8 from the Lightning, while the later HD F150 pickups had “only” 340hp.

Other than the engine, this 2000 Harley Davidson Edition F150 is like the rest of the 7,500 special edition trucks built for that model year, but the history of this truck and that unique engine should allow it to bring in big money at the Barrett Jackson Scottsdale Auction late this month.

Jay Leno auctioned off his 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8 at last year’s Barrett Jackson Scottsdale auction to benefit the USO. His Challenger was VIN #1 and it sold for $360,000. It is hard to guess whether or not the first 2000 Harley Davidson F150 will demand the same price, but we can still expect Leno’s supercharged pickup to raise a solid amount of money for the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

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