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Kia issues accelerator pedal TSB for 2011 Optima

Kia has issued a Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) for concerns over the accelerator pedal assembly of the 2011 Optima. Multiple sources have reported this Kia TSB but it is unclear as to whether or not any vehicles have experienced an unintended acceleration issue similar to the one experienced by those seen in the millions of recalled Toyotas.

Evidently, a small group of 2011 Kia Optimas built between October 16th and November 24th may have an accelerator assembly that may stick, so the company has alerted dealerships to the issue. If vehicles are brought in with a complaint, dealership technicians are asked to depress and release the accelerator pedal 25-30 times rapidly. Should the technician notice any unusual noises, low responsiveness or “unsatisfactory feel”, the pedal assembly will be replaced free of charge.

There have been no reports from Kia or from any third party about any sort of ‘runaway’ issues like have been experienced in millions of Toyota products over the past few years but in the wake of Toyota’s newfound quality issues, no automaker can be too careful – especially about issues like this one.

Right now, this issue is only being addressed via this TSB. TSB’s are issued for common problems that do not pose a safety threat and with no reports of unintended acceleration, right now this sounds like it could just be Kia playing on the side of caution. However, should this bring forward complaints of runaway Optima’s this could become an issue that the NHTSA wants to hear more about but if there is one thing that the government likes, it is automakers being proactive about possible problems.

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