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Ken Block and the Hoonicorn Mustang Present Gymkhana 7

A few weeks back we brought you a look at the super modified 1965 Ford Mustang that Ken Block would use for his 7th Gymkhana video and today, that video arrived – with Block and his incredible all-wheel drive ’65 Mustang tearing it up all over Los Angeles.

While Ken Block is one of the best rally racers in the universe, limited viewing access has made Block better known among the general public for his fast paced Gymkhana videos. Instead of using an all-wheel drive rally car like he has for the first six Gymkhana videos, Block partnered with drift champion Vaughn Gittin Jr to build a truly one of a kind all-wheel drive 1965 Ford Mustang. He named this tire shredding beast the Hoonicorn.

Click here for a closer look at the 1965 Hoonicorn Mustang, in case you missed it when the car debuted.

Gymkhana 7
Ken Block’s Gymkhana video series depicts him doing donuts, drifting, doing burnouts, jumping and just general driving how the rest of us drive in video games – but with a real car. Gymkhana 7 takes place on the streets of Los Angeles with a heavy LAPD presence keeping the roads clear and safe for Block’s Hoonage. We even get to see Block and his custom AWD 1965 Mustang blast past Al Cowlings’ Ford Bronco as it leads a low speed chase ahead of the LAPD.

This video is not my favorite Gymkhana, but the Hoonicorn Mustang is definitely my favorite Gymkhana car. Don’t get me wrong – I love rally cars – but the AWD Hoonicorn Mustang with an 845 horsepower NASCAR V8 tucked under the hood is a thing of beauty. Like the other videos, we see Block showing that he is one of the most skilled drivers in the world as he throws this monster custom Mustang into situations that would cause severe injury or death to most of us. Really, this video shows that Ken Block is to the world of high speed driving what Picasso was to the art world.

In short, the man has crazy mad skills.

I could go on and on about how much I enjoy Ken Block Gymkhana videos, but none of that matters right now. What matters right now is that Gymkhana 7 has a one of a kind all wheel drive classic Mustang that hoons it up all over LA – right under the nose of the LAPD. Grab a drink, kick back, crank up your speakers and enjoy.

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