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High Horse Performance sets another Dodge Hellcat 1/4-mile Record

This past weekend at Cecil County Dragway in Maryland, the High Horse Performance team brought their familiar white Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat out for the first time of the season and the results were very good – with Josh Schwartz and the Top Cat Challenger setting the new record for the world’s quickest Hellcat car.

If you pay any attention to the world of ¼-mile records for modern muscle cars – or if you are a regular reader of TorqueNews – you should recognize the white Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat featured here. This is the Dodge Challenger known as Top Cat, which finished the last racing season as the quickest Hellcat car in the world with a best time of 9.29 seconds. Prior to that record time, this Challenger has held the record for the world’s quickest Hellcat car several times over the past two years as the crew at High Horse Performance has continually improved this modern Mopar muscle car.

After the winter break, the HHP team headed to Cecil County Dragway this past weekend to test the impact of their off-season modifications and the result is the quickest Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat in the world – again – breaking their own record from last season.

The Top Cat Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat
This Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat was built by the crew at High Horse Performance and tuned by HHP’s Josh Schwartz. As you might imagine, the team isn’t too keen on offering up their equation for the world’s quickest Hellcat car, but we know that their relatively short mod list includes a Nitrous Outlet plate kit, American Racing headers, smaller pulleys including an idler setup from BWoody, a Driveshaft Shop 9” rear differential (and accompanying driveshaft), lightweight wheels wrapped in sticky tires and a good tune to run on VP’s Q16 race gas.

New for 2017, HHP has added a set of ported cylinder heads and a new camshaft as well as porting the stock supercharger housing of the Top Cat Challenger. The engine block and rotating assembly remain stock (no larger bore or stroker kit), as does the 8-speed automatic transmission.

So in summary, while we don’t get any real specifics on the build or power numbers, the HHP Top Cat Hellcat Challenger has extra boost, nitrous, better flow on the intake and exhaust end, a stronger rear differential, sticky tires and an engine tune to bring it altogether. The result is the world’s quickest Hellcat car – both with and without nitrous oxide.

2017 Hellcat Records
When the crew from HHP took to the track this past weekend with their newest setup in the Top Cat Hellcat Challenger, they made a pass without the nitrous to get a feel for the car in its current form. On this “test run”, Josh Schwartz laid down a 9.44 at 144.83 miles per hour. This is the quickest time ever run by any Hellcat car without nitrous – hence the “blower only” record.

For the next run, HHP turned on the nitrous system and headed back to the track with their incredible Hellcat Challenger. As it has done so many times in the past few years, the Top Cat Challenger made good use of all of its aftermarket goodies, storming down the track in just 9.15 seconds with a trap speed of 158.23 miles per hour. That run makes the HHP Top Cat Dodge Challenger the quickest and fastest Hellcat car in a ¼-mile in the world. No other Hellcat Challenger or Charger has run a quicker time or a higher speed on a ¼-mile, so once again (or still, depending on how you want to word it), the Top Cat Challenger has proven itself as the strongest Hellcat in the world.

Best of all, the crew from BigKleib was there, so there is great video of both runs which you can check out below!

Congrats to Josh Schwartz and everyone else involved in this latest Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat record.