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Hellcat Challenger Stomps Tesla in Quarter Mile Rematch

The 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat driver who took a beating from a new Tesla Model S P85D a few months back has gotten his rematch and this time, the 707 horsepower muscle car handed the world’s quickest EV a proper beating.

Back in January, the internet exploded with talk of an electric Tesla P95D beating the tar out of a new Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat. The EV world insisted that the video showing a well driven Tesla beating a very poorly driven Challenger was proof positive that the electric performance car world had finally taken the lead on the combustion engine segment. However, anyone who knows anything about the performance world could watch that video and see that it wasn’t the Tesla beating the Hellcat – it was the Tesla driver beating the Hellcat driver.

Fortunately, the owner and driver of that Sublime Green Hellcat Challenger was determined to defend the muscle car world, so he spent weeks practicing at the drag strip and we bought a better set of tires. As a result, he was able to get his 707 horsepower Dodge Challenger into the expected 10 second range. Upon getting the experience needed to turn in a respectable quarter mile time, the Hellcat owner put out the call for a rematch and that rematch happened, with another video showing the two high horsepower beats going head to head.

The Rematch
The video below shows a quarter mile drag race between the same 2015 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat and 2015 Tesla Model S P85D that we saw race back in January. The Hellcat has the supercharged 6.2L Hellcat Hemi with 707 horsepower and 650lb-ft of torque headed to the rear wheels via a quick shifting 8-speed automatic transmission. The Tesla Model S P85D has two electric drive units – one over each axle – giving the lightning quick EV a combined output of 691 horsepower and 687lb-ft of torque with the surefootedness of all-wheel drive. The all-wheel drive Tesla is factory stock, while the 707hp Challenger is stock shy of the stickier drag radial tires.

The Challenger stages first and when the Tesla lights up the top of the Christmas tree, the race is ready to go. When the green lights drop, the all-wheel drive Tesla jumps out to a very small lead, but the Hellcat Challenger stays right with the electric sedan. As the two cars race away from the camera, we can see on the big boards that the Dodge actually pulled a better 60 foot time with rear wheel drive, although it looks as though the P85D may have had a slightly better reaction time.

The race is close enough the whole way down the quarter mile that it is hard to see who has the lead on the big end, but when the time and speed for the left lane pops up first, we know that the Mopar muscle car won the rematch race. In the end, the Challenger was a bit slower than his previous bests, running “only” 11.08 at 125.92 miles per hour, but it was enough to comfortably beat the Tesla. The P85D still made a very respectable quarter mile time of 11.926 at 112 miles per hour, which was about 3 tenths of his previous best time. However, even had the P85D made a record 11.60 run, it wouldn’t have been enough to outrun the Hellcat Challenger with an 11.0 run, but it would have made this race less of a beating.

Now that it is has been clearly proven that driver experience makes all the difference and that with two good drivers, the Hellcat Challenger will beat up the Tesla Model S P85D on the quarter mile, we shouldn’t have to listen to the EV crowd insist that the Tesla is the quicker of the two. At the same time, the Tesla deserves an incredible amount of respect for being the quickest production EV in the world.


Mahn (not verified)    April 7, 2015 - 7:07AM

I expect another rematch with performance updates over the air placing the P85D in the low 2.7 0-60 time, and it's top end unlocked from 130-155 along with higher end acceleration update.

The Tesla is quicker of the two, all without breaking driveshafts or driving 500 miles to have launch control ready.

Monterino (not verified)    April 7, 2015 - 2:16PM

Good job! With special tires and months to practice, the "Hellcat" and driver beat Tesla's 5 door family sedan (with more cargo room than most SUV's).... and Tesla was still quicker off the line! lol

TexasB5SRT8 (not verified)    April 16, 2015 - 1:31AM

In reply to by Monterino (not verified)

You need to get out of that forest your in buddy. The Challenger has enough room to fit your smart for 2 electric peace of junk in the trunk. And still fit 5 in the seats comfortably.

buzzcrushtrendkill (not verified)    April 9, 2015 - 5:57AM

.846ths of a second is considered a "stomp"? They guy had to practice and use drag radials. The Tesla just had to show up. Tesla is the modern day warrior, all American engineering, design and ingenuity leading the world once again. But the trailer parks rejoice and hold their cans of Bud Light high in salute to the Hellcat.

Ray Ray (not verified)    April 11, 2015 - 11:33AM

.8 sec at 125 mph of the HellCat vs the measly 112 Mph of the Tesla, yeah , that's a 140 foot Stomp.

It' certainly fair-er race with drag radials, vs to AWD, but even so with stock street tires HotRod had one of their staff pull 11.27 1/4 mile time, that girl can run, as well did Rawlings...

Stomped indeed.

Lowend1 (not verified)    April 12, 2015 - 6:37PM

A drive motor over each axle on the Tesla - and the Hellcat beat it with one, going through a tranny, drive shaft and differential - rear wheels only.

Johan H (not verified)    September 26, 2015 - 3:27PM

Problem with Electric cars is there for old people going to Early Bird Dinner or some geek going to his software job. Muscle Cars still are the Essence of America plus hot chicks dig them.....

Christian (not verified)    November 6, 2015 - 4:18AM

In reply to by Johan H (not verified)

You don't have to be a geek to drive a Tesla. Some of us care about the environment and clearly oil junkies like yourself don't. Let be real here a modified Hellcat with drag tires that can't be driven on the road beat a Tesla from the street that just turned up. You guys just can't cut it with street legal cars . The rematch will be with the new Tesla P90 taking on a car that can only run on strip.

HOTRODSRJ (not verified)    December 26, 2015 - 7:23PM

In reply to by Christian (not verified)

What a ruse you are portraying of the Tesla! Powered by coal, natural gas and others.. it's no cleaner than an SUV! While I personally like electric cars.. until the battery technology is better (being able to fill--it-up in a reasonable time, expensive and air polluters they are... sorry.. I'll take the 707 hp and the sound of a V8 anyday.

Dan (not verified)    March 5, 2016 - 10:35AM

In reply to by Christian (not verified)

Im a Shelby guy myself, however I know a beautiful machine when I see one and can appreciate it. The Hellcat is one of the best cars on the streets. The Tesla is badass for what it is but nothing on the Hellcat. You are a fool and should never write about cars again if you think the hellcat is not street legal or thing that drag radials are a "modification". Both Hellcat and drag radials ARE STREET LEGAL. Slicks are not. Second, changing your tires isn't a "mod" its no different than changing from Goodyear tires to Michelin MPS or Perrelli P Zero or any other tire. They are just given a different name based on the rating of the tire tread wear etc. Also, as others have stated, we are comparing an AWD vehicle Vs. rear wheel... Not even fair race in that aspect so sticky rear tires is the very least the Hellcat could do to make it somewhat closer to apples to apples but still not even close. If you need an example look at the SRT8 challenger Vs. SRT8 Jeep. Jeep is heavier and AWD but everything else is the same. The jeep will launch better and a lot of the time beat the challenger because of the AWD benefit. Your logic is shit and you should stick to writing computer code because you know nothing about cars.

Balázs (not verified)    December 1, 2015 - 4:39PM

Hi guys
The hellcat is rear wheels only..this is serious disadvantage in a race. But all respect to tesla85d because it is very excellent car