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The Hansen Art Hellcat Charger Shooting Brake is the Dodge Magnum We All Want

The Dodge community has collectively mourned the loss of the Magnum sport wagon since it was killed off in 2008, but the Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Shooting Brake rendering done by Hansen Art could be a 707 horsepower muscle wagon that we could all love…albeit only in our dreams.

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In the mid-2000s, the Dodge brand offered the full sized Charger sedan and the full sized Magnum wagon with shared drivetrains making for one wicked 1-2 Hemi-powered punch. Unfortunately, the lack of interest in large, high performance and fairly low efficiency wagons in the US caused relatively low sales and, because of that, the Magnum was killed off after only 4 model years.

However, the 2015 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Shooting Brake rendering imagined by the folks at Hansen Art shows what the future could have held for the modern Magnum if the model had survived…and this artwork makes me miss the Magnum even more.

Hansen Art Charger Hellcat Shooting Brake
The term “station wagon” has earned an undeserving negative stigma in the United States that has spread to other markets and because of that, we get new terms to describe what we may have called a wagon 25 years ago. One example is the beautiful piece of custom artwork above which is referred to as the 2015 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat Shooting Brake by Hansen Art. A Shooting Brakes is kind of like a sport wagon, but the roofline is shorter and often more slippery in the back – often offering more rear head room than it does real cargo space. Where a station wagon or sport wagon has a longer, straighter roofline that maximizes rear seat head room and rear cargo space, the shooting brake offers a little less cargo space while still looking to preserve rear head space…AND giving the car a more slippery look than a conventional station wagon.

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This image began as a standard Chrysler Group issued 2015 Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat press photo, but Hansen Art has lengthened the roofline to transform the world’s most powerful sedan into the world’s most powerful shooting brake…or sport wagon, if you prefer. The artist who imagined this Hellcat Charger Shooting Brake has also blacked out the side windows and added some bright red wheels – but the vast majority of the rest of the image is simply the 707hp Dodge Charger. However, there is no question in my mind that the lines of the Hellcat Charger really transform nicely into a shooting brake. This sells it for me that Dodge should bring back the Magnum as little more than a Charger wagon – and they should offer up a Hellcat model so that the company will have the most powerful sedan and wagon in the world.

Probably Just a Dream
Unfortunately, I haven’t heard any rumors about Dodge bringing back the Magnum and if there isn’t room in the US lineup for a Magnum wagon – there likely isn’t room for a Charger sedan or shooting brake or whatever else you want to call it. Even though most Magnum owners loved the car and wished that they could buy a new version, it doesn’t seem likely that the full sized sport wagon will arrive anytime soon – making the rendering above nothing more than something to talk about on the internet.

There is almost no chance that we will see this car ever see production, but this rendering of a Dodge Charger SRT Hellcat is just too cool not to show off.

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