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Hackers steal customer information from Honda

New Honda and Acura owners got a late Christmas present last week when the automaker announced that hackers had accessed a company customer database, stealing information to 2.2 million Honda owners and 2.7 million Acura owners.

American Honda sent out an email to the 4.9 million customers who had their information stolen by hackers, apologizing for the problem and letting them know to be wary of any emails asking for further personal information. Company officials were quick to point out that the information taken did not include social security numbers or any sort of bank information but the Honda owner information did include VIN numbers, names, email addresses and login information associated with the OwnerLink and MyAcura accounts. For the 2.7 million Acura owners, the only information taken was email addresses, so they have a little less to worry about but in either case, Honda points out that the information stolen was not something that would lead to identity theft.

These lists were allegedly stolen while in the possession of an outside vendor who was using the information to send welcome emails to new owners when the hackers struck and got their hands on the files. American Honda stresses that the company will never email and request any sort of personal or financial information but they are (understandably) very apologetic for this inconvenience – even though it really isn’t the fault of the automaker.

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