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The Gumpert Tornante debuts at the 2011 Geneva Motor Show

The Gumpert Apollo has sharp lines that come together to form a fairly unique design which has been questioned by some but with the introduction of the new Tornante, Gumpert offers a supercar that offers slightly less radical styling with comparable power to the Apollo.

The Gumpert Tornante follows a similar architectural design to the Apollo with the ultra lightweight chassis helping to make the most of the mid-ship mounted 4.2L twin turbocharged V8 engine’s 700 horsepower. The Tornante uses the same TT40e gearbox as the Apollo except the new Gumpert supercar features shifting controlled via the steering wheel mounted paddles. Unfortunately, we haven’t gotten any performance numbers yet but if the Tornante is at least as fast as the Apollo, we can expect a 0-60 time around 3 seconds (if not under 3 seconds) and a top speed in excess of 220mph.

The exterior of the Gumpert Tornante is where the new supercar really sets itself apart from the Gumpert Apollo. While the exterior of the Apollo was an incredible step away from traditional supercar styling, the look of the often-orange Apollo has frequently been criticized – from the super aggressive front fascia to the deep side scoops to the massive vents along the rear of the car.

The Tornante, on the other hand, offers a more traditional exterior design courtesy of design firm Touring Superleggera. The back end looks a great deal like the current Bentley coupe, with a side profile similar to the Audi R8 and a front end that doesn’t look like any other supercars on the market that still gives the Tornante a little “Gumpert flair” with tiny headlights making room for a set of gigantic air intakes. Like the Apollo, the Tornante features gullwing style doors and a rear hood that folds up to reveal the boosted V8.

The chassis of the Gumpert Apollo uses a carbon fiber monocoque wrapped in a chrome-molybdenum steel space frame to keep the curb weight low yet offering a proper level of chassis rigidity to help make this one of the fastest and best handling cars in the world.

Check out the gallery below for a closer look at the Gumpert Tornante!

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