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GM to Invest $290 Million in Corvette Plant

General Motors is planning to invest $290 million in the Bowling Green Assembly Plant where every Chevrolet Corvette is built, with emphasis on the production line of the historic American sports car.

The C7 Chevrolet Corvette has proven to be a smashing success and to make sure that the company can meet the demand for the incredible sports car well into the future, General Motors has announced a new investment of $290 million in the Bowling Green Assembly Plant where every Corvette since 1981 has been built. This investment is an addition to the $439 million investment announced last year and in addition to showing commitment to the Corvette, this pair of massive investments shows commitment to the Kentucky work force.

"GM has a long tradition of commitment to southcentral Kentucky and to producing, in Warren County, the finest sports cars in America,” said Kentucky Gov. Matt Bevin. “This benefits our entire state, both as a source of pride and as a tremendous contributor to our economy. For 35 years, the Bowling Green Assembly Plant has provided jobs to thousands of Kentuckians and to hundreds of suppliers and vendors. We congratulate GM and offer our commitment to lending them support for this project and any others they may undertake in the future.”

The $290 Million Corvette Investment
The newest planned investment of $290 million in the Corvette facility will “upgrade and modify the plant’s vehicle assembly operations with new technologies and processes.” The details are somewhat short, but this money will be spent to upgrade plant technology, specifically focusing on the assembly line on which the Corvette is built. As a result, production should be faster while also improving the already-strong build quality of the fabled Corvette.

“We are making technology investments that will continue to improve our manufacturing processes and ultimately the quality of our vehicles,” said North American Manufacturing Manager Arvin Jones. “We are putting Corvette customers first by building upon our world-class manufacturing process.”

The improvements included in this Corvette plant investment will begin this summer.


Coyote Central (not verified)    June 26, 2016 - 8:04PM

I've had two 'vettes: a '67 427 coupe until '71 when our lying low IQ newspapers promised me that gas would run out in two weeks, and a 2006 C6. Both were great and reliable...UNLIKE the other seven GM cars for which I threw my money into the street and started the bills on fire.

Hopefully, GM will continue to build the one car which cannot be outclassed by virtually every other carmaker out there.