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General Motors retains ex-Vice Chairman Bob Lutz as advisor

Robert “Bob” Lutz is one of the most well-known men in the American automotive industry and after leaving General Motors on Mat 1st 2010 for retirement, the country’s largest automaker has announced the retention of Lutz to help “provide counsel to the senior leadership team of the company.”

Bob Lutz served at General Motors in variety of management positions from 2001 to 2010 with a regular focus on the fields of product development and design. During his time at GM, some of the company’s most successful vehicles were born like the current Chevrolet Camaro and the game-changing Chevrolet Volt. Lutz also helped guide GM through the dangerous waters of bankruptcy during the market collapse of 2008 and 2009 before stepping down early in 2010.

His 40+ years of experience in the automotive industry began with General Motors in 1963 so it is fitting that Bob Lutz once again has a formal contract with the automaker. Lutz has been advising the General Motors management team on an informal basis since he left in May 2010 but effectively immediately, Lutz is once again officially working with General Motors.

Today’s announcement from General Motors doesn’t indicate anything other than the fact the Bob Lutz has once again entered into an official deal to assist company management but with Lutz having such a wealth of information from his 4 decades of industry experience, his return to GM (even as a contracted advisor) can only be a good thing for the company. Prior to taking his management position at GM in 2001, he served as the CEO of Exide Batteries as well as spending time as an executive at Ford, Chrysler and BMW.

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