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General Motors recalls Canyon, Colorado over child safety risk

General Motors has announced a voluntary recall of 192,676 small pickups including the Chevrolet Colorado, GMC Canyon, Isuzu i280 and Isuzu i380 over a concern about improper positioning of the middle-seat child safety tether. This GM recall pertains to 2004-2011 Colorado and Canyon models, along with 2007-2008 Isuzu trucks, in the regular or extended cab layout with a 60/40 split bench seat.


The concern for this GM small pickup recall is that the federally required front child safety tethers are not accessible when a child is sitting in the front-center seating position. Should a parent put their child in this seating position, the location of the tethers prevent the child from being properly secured; increasing the chance of injury in the event of an accident.

General Motors points out that due to the location of the front airbags, the company recommends that parents do not put their child in that front-center seat and if parents must have the child in the front seat (if there is no rear seat), the child should be seated in the passenger seat rather than the middle.
The tethers are provided for the middle seat, even though GM recommends not placing a child there, because the government requires child safety tethers for all seating positions.

Owners of the affected 192,676 GM and Isuzu pickups are instructed to return to their friendly neighborhood GM (or Isuzu?) dealerships where the tether system will be inspected and any repairs needed will be made free of charge. General Motors stresses that this recall is open to all of these vehicles, regardless of the mileage, age, condition, or ownership history of the vehicle.

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