The 2013 Dodge Dart Rally Cross Car

Four reasons Travis Pastrana's new Dodge Dart race car is such a big deal

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Earlier this week, TorqueNews brought you the news of the new rally car based on the upcoming 2013 Dodge Dart that will be piloted by championship rally racer Travis Pastrana and while we are not likely to see an all wheel drive Dart with 600 horsepower in showrooms any time soon - this new race car means a great deal to the Chrysler Group and their rabid enthusiast following for a handful of reasons.

First and foremost, Travis Pastrana and his new Dodge Dart rally car helps to put the Dodge and SRT names into the booming sport of rally racing. Ford Motor Company has made a massive move to jump into the growing rally racing world with signings of well known racers like Ken Block, Tanner Foust and Brian Deegan, the Chrysler Group’s Dodge and SRT divisions are relatively unknown to the rally world. Dodge has previously shown their interest in the rally world with the introduction of the Mopar-built Dodge Avenger rally car but that car was a bit…ummm…let’s say hefty to compete, the compact new Dodge Dart does not have that problem. With the introduction of Travis Pastrana’s Dodge Dart rally car, Dodge has a real chance to give rally mainstays like Subaru, Mitsubishi and Ford a battle in the new Global Rally Cross circuit.

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Second, more than just having a competitive car in the form of the 600 horsepower all wheel drive Dodge Dart rally car, having a huge name like Travis Pastrana is a big deal in the motorsports world. A key to Ford’s success in the rally car world was signing superstar driver Ken Block, who brought with him a following from his successful days behind the wheel of a Subaru race car. Pastrana also spent time successfully racing behind the wheel of a Subaru rally car but starting in May, Travis will hit the track behind the wheel of the new Dart race car, likely bringing with him a fanhood following that dates back through 4 championship seasons in the Rally America Championship Series. This means that not only does Dodge gain the success of Pastrana’s storied career but they also acquire some built-in fans that will likely continue to support the driver in his move from Subaru to Dodge.


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Curious, who did build it if not SRT? Could it be Magneti Marelli who got credit for Avenger rally car?