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Ford teases a new Super Duty for 2013

Ford Motor Company has announced that on Friday March 9th, they will introduce an all-new model in the Super Duty lineup on their company Ford Trucks Facebook page and along with that statement came the image shown on the right – offering us a very vague look at the new 2013 Super Duty.


As you can see in the first teaser image of the new 2013 Ford Super Duty pickup, Ford really hasn’t shown us anything about this new model. The silky black cover hides everything but the basic shape of the Super Duty which, judging from what we can see, is identical to the current 2012 Super Duty. This includes the huge grille and the large, rectangular headlights with fog lights mounted below in the outer edges of the bumper. The Super Duty has a big, bold design and it looks as though that hasn’t changed for 2013 based on the shape through the silk sheet. Also, if Ford was going to introduce a major change to their fabled F Series, they would do it at an auto show and not through a streaming internet video.

So what does this mean we are going to see next Friday in the way of the 2013 Ford Super Duty? Considering that their announcement this morning stated that they going to work with the Professional Bull Riders to unveil the new model – our guess is that we are going to see some sort of themed trimline for the 2013 Super Duty. Since the PBR folks are involved, it will probably either be a high end trimline with western accents (similar in nature to the Ram Laramie Longhorn) or it could be a model designed less for luxury, geared towards the outdoorsman type.

The current Ford Super Duty (F250 and F350) is available in XL, XLT, Lariat and King Ranch with Regular, Super Cab and Crew Cab options. Based on this first teaser shot, it looks like the truck under the cover has a Super Cab option but if this new model follows the trend of the rest of the Super Duty models; it will be available with a variety of trimlines. Also, the standard gasoline engine is the 6.2L V8 while the 6.7L turbocharged diesel V8 is available but the upcoming trimline may include a specific engine

The new 2013 Ford Super Duty model will be unveiled at 10am Eastern Central Time on Friday March 9th and you can watch the debut live on the internet at .