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Ford recalls 25,000 Ranger pickups for fuel leak risk

Ford has announced a recall of 25,000 Ranger light duty pickups due to a risk of an upper-engine area fuel leak that could cause substantial fires.

This new Ford recall applies to 2010 Ford Rangers built between October 2009 and May 2010 at the company's Twin Cities Assembly Plant, with 23,688 of those pickups being found in the United States. In these 25,000 Ford Ranger pickups, there is a fuel line running along the top of the engine near the throttle body that may have a protective layer that may not have been installed properly. If this coating is not applied correctly, it may rub against the throttle body shield and over time, this steady rubbing could wear through the line. Should this line be weakened to the point of breaking, it has the potential to cause one heck of a fire.

The good news is that Ford has had no reported fires, accidents or injuries stemming from this 2010 Ranger fuel line recall. This recall will officially begin on or around March 7, 2011 with owners being instructed to take their Ranger back to the dealership where the fuel line will be inspected to see if the coating has been applied properly, along with trimming the throttle body shield to ensure that it cannot rub on the fuel line.

If you own one of these vehicles and you smell gasoline, it might be a good idea to call your local dealership and let them know what is going on before driving the truck. Even though Ford has had no instances of fire reported, driving the truck with the smell of fuel present in the engine bay may suggest that the line is leaking.

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