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Ford to offer rearview cameras in most models by the end of 2011

Rearview cameras have become the next big thing in the luxury segment but after the NHTSA announced that they would be mandating these “backup cameras” by 2014, Ford Motor Company has announced that they will offer this technology on almost all of their models by the end of 2011.

Earlier today, reported that the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) has proposed requiring all new vehicles to come with a back-up assist camera that broadcasts what is going on behind your vehicle to a small screen in the dash on mounted within the rearview mirror. Coincidentally, Ford Motor Company issued a statement a short time ago, stating that by the end of 2011, “nearly all” of their new models will offer a standard or optional rearview camera system. Click here for more on the NHTSA's proposed back-up camera requirements for 2014.

Many of Ford’s more popular vehicles (like the new Explorer and the F-Series pickups) already offer this rearview camera technology, which is integrated into the advanced MyFord Touch infotainment system. Ford plans to offer the popular MyFord Touch (and MyLincoln Touch) in more models as the technology becomes less expensive to produce with some low priced models like the Ford Focus offering what was previous reserved for more expensive, higher end luxury cars.

Jim Buczkowski, director of electrical and electronics systems engineering at Ford, had this to say about this growing technology:
“Ford is making new innovations such as the Rear View Camera System available to a wide range of customers in most of our vehicles to help them see better when reversing. Our research shows that visibility is one of the biggest customer concerns today, which is why we are the only company to offer a Rear View Camera System, Blind Spot Mirrors and the radar-based Blind Spot Information System with Cross Traffic system.”

In addition to serving as a safety feature (hence the NHTSA’s considerations to require these systems), Ford points out that on vehicles like the F-Series and the 2011 Explorer, a rearview camera system also makes hooking up to a trailer without the help of a spotter much easier. Along with providing a look at what is behind the vehicle, Ford’s rearview displays a pair of lines on your viewing screen, showing the relative size of the vehicle so that you have a good idea as to how close you are to other items when you are backing up…whether you are pulling out of a parking spot at the mall or trying to connect to a horse trailer.