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Ford F150 EcoBoost Sales Top a Half Million

Ford introduced the F150 with the high tech EcoBoost V6 engine for the 2011 model year with quite a bit of skepticism, but those naysayers have been proven to be very, very wrong as the Motor Company has sold more than a half million F150 pickups powered by the EcoBoost V6 in just over three years – accounting for 45% of all Ford light duty truck sales during that period.

The first time that I had a chance to talk to a Ford Motor Company representative about the prospects of a twin turbocharged V6 engine in the Ford F150 was in 2009. This person (who asked then to remain nameless for obvious reasons) told me that there were already a great many EcoBoost powered F150 test trucks in action around the Detroit area. He explained that the company knew that there would be a ton of push back from the hardcore truck market if Ford was to introduce a twin turbo V6 as a premium engine option, regardless of how much power that little boosted engine provided to the F150 driver. Because of that, Ford wanted to make sure that the EcoBoost F150 engine was perfect before introducing it into the consumer market and the Motor Company did everything that they could to show that this small displacement V6 could do everything that a V8 could and it could do so just as reliably – while also offering far better fuel economy.

When the 2011 Ford F150 was introduced with the 3.5L EcoBoost V6 as the premium engine option, the hardcore truck buyers who were expected to freak out about a premium twin turbo V6 in place of a naturally aspirated V8 did just that. These folks insisted that no one would buy a twin turbo V6 full size pickup with the intention of doing any real work and, because of that, the EcoBoost F150 would be doomed to fail. Well, after 38 months of availability in the US, the EcoBoost V6 has proven every single one of the doubters very wrong as this motor quickly grew to be the most popular engine in America’s bestselling vehicle. Thanks to this early and consistent popularity, Ford has been able to reach the 500,000 unit sold mark with the EcoBoost F150 in just over three years.

Since being introduced for the 2011 model year, the 3.5L EcoBoost V6 has been installed in roughly 45% of Ford F150 pickups while the base 3.5L V6, the 5.0L V8 and the 6.2L V8 have all combined to account for the other 55% of F150 sales. For quite some time, the EcoBoost F150 was the most capable half ton truck sold in America while also being the most efficient and while the 3.5L EcoBoost has been bested in both of those categories, it has continued to be the most popular engine option in the F150 lineup. Since the EcoBoost V6 was introduced 38 months ago, sales of V6 engines across the entire American half ton truck segment have grown by a whopping 600% and the Ford EcoBoost engine has account for an incredible 91% of that growth. In other words, while V6 truck sales among the Ford F150, the Dodge Ram 1500, the Chevrolet Silverado 1500, the GMC Sierra 1500, the Nissan Titan and the Toyota Tundra have grown by 600% since 2011, the F150 accounts for 91% of that growth while all of those other trucks account for just 9% of total V6 sales. That is total domination of the light duty half ton truck segment by an engine that long time truck owners insisted was doomed to fail.

Ford F150 V6 sales are almost guaranteed to continue growing as the naturally aspirated 3.5L base V6 and the twin turbocharged 3.5L EcoBoost V6 will soon be joined by a new 2.7L EcoBoost. Unlike the 3.5L EcoBoost that focuses on providing class leading performance and capabilities in addition to impressive fuel economy, the new 2.7L EcoBoost will focus first in fuel economy while still offering solid capabilities. Ford wants very much to reclaim the title of having the most fuel efficient truck in the half ton segment from the Ram brand’s EcoDiesel V6, but that wont be easy as the 3.0L Chrysler diesel engine offers incredible fuel economy and amazing towing capabilities so while the 2.7L EcoBoost might offer similar (or better) MPGs- the EcoDiesel will still offer better towing and hauling numbers.

In any case, the Ford F150 EcoBoost V6 has quickly proven to be the most popular engine option in the bestselling vehicle in the US market – showing that the critics who insisted that the EcoBoost would fail as a premium truck engine couldn’t have been any more incorrect.

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I appreciate the opportunity to comment, being a ford owner my whole life. Currently I own a 2012 e 350, 1997 ranger, 2015 escape with an EcoBoost, and a 2015 F 150 with the v8. First I would like to comment on why from researching this question I believe Ford pushes the EcoBoost. It has to do with the government and credits a car company receives for the total number of cylinders they sell per year. V6 gets 2 cylinder credit, every time it replaces a v8. The EcoBoosts are decent engines but have had their share of recalls. The actual mileage of My Escape doesn't even come close to what Ford advertises. My v8 f150 is always at or above the mileage figures. Before buying the F150 I drove 3 trucks, all equipped the same, but the engine. I drove a 2.7, 3.5 and v8. The salesman tried, and tried to push the EcoBoost s at first, but after getting to know him well, he admitted that the EcoBoost mileage is usually less than on the window sticker, and he said if you load the bed or tow, you could see the mileage drop into the single digits. He said the mechanics call them thirsty-Boost. Back to my test drive...the 2.7 was quick off the line, but lacked the smooth refinement of the other 2 engines, transmission shifting constantly. Felt very un truck like. The 3.5 was much more refined, but felt very Japanese, exactly like my Supra turbo. The steering in the EcoBoost engines was so artificial. I asked the salesman and he said the EcoBoosts get electric power steering and the v8 gets hydraulic. other than feel, what does that does not recommend to plow with and EcoBoost, because of the electric power steering....doesn't give me a good feeling about that. So I bought the v8. I have also noticed at my dealer, the first trucks sold are the v8 s...with the EcoBoosts selling only after all the v8 trucks are gone. This could be a local phenomenon, but I have noted this year after year. So I just tell anyone who is in the market for an F150, to drive all three engines BEFORE you buy. You may come to the same conclusion that I Have. One last note..just before buying, I went into the shop, and asked some of the mechanics their opinions. Everyone said the same thing...if you never want to come back here for repair the v8 is the way to go..they went on to say the 2.7, and 3.5 were great engines, but the v8 is bulletproof. Thankyou again for the opportunity to post. Sincerly Phil