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Fireball 900 Camaro Packs 827rwhp for Around $90k

The crew from Black Horse Racing was the first to put a 6th generation Chevrolet Camaro SS in the 9-second quarter mile range and at the 2016 SEMA Show, they were showing off their new Fireball 900 package – with 827 rear wheel horsepower and a price starting around $90,000.

The Fireball Camaro first stormed onto the high performance muscle car scene when the crew from Black Horse Racing put their nitrous-injected Chevy muscle car in the high 9s in the quarter mile. The Fireball Camaro was the first to run in the 9s and, as you might expect, the Fireball name traveled quickly through the industry.

Building on the popularity of the Fireball Camaro that became the first in the 9s, Black Horse Racing put together a package to market – and the Fireball 700 Camaro was born. With 720bhp, the $52,000 supercharged Fireball 700 Camaro will go toe to toe with some of the best cars on the street, but for those Camaro owners who want to be able to knock out even the meanest competitors – the Fireball 900 Camaro was developed.

This package offers 827 rear wheel horsepower (leading to a bhp number of roughly 990) for just $90,000 with an elaborate full-vehicle build which helps improve the longevity of this custom-tuned Chevy Camaro SS. Unfortunately, many of the outlets who have discussed this car haven’t offered any details on how this Fireball got to 900 horsepower, so I did a little hunting for the full details on this new supercharged muscle car.

The Fireball 900 Camaro
Like the Fireball 700 Camaro with 720bhp, the Fireball 900 Camaro starts off with a 2016 Chevrolet Camaro SS with the LT1 V8. The Fireball 700 package “only” adds a supercharger to improve the output, which is why a Camaro equipped with that package can be purchased for just $52,000, but the Fireball 900 Camaro is far more elaborate and far more expensive.

The Fireball 900 Camaro package begins by tearing down the Camaro’s LT1, adding ported heads, a custom camshaft, lightweight pushrods, high strength valve springs, a new intake manifold, long tube headers and a supercharger. Next, the team adds a high flow fuel pump, larger injectors and high flow catalytic convertors, which when tuned with the many items above, yields 827 rear wheel horsepower.

To handle the added abuse of that power and to help put all of that power to the ground, the Fireball 900 Camaro has heavy duty axles, a high strength aluminum driveshaft and lightweight wheels wrapped in drag radial tires. Only the transmission and the rear differential are left untouched in the drivetrain, joining the engine block and the rotating assembly in the list of factory-stock items in the Fireball 900 Camaro.

Finally, the Fireball 900 Camaro wears a unique ground effects package and a new hood, along with package-specific badging on the outside and embroidered headrests on the inside.

According to the official Fireball Camaro website, this package has a starting price of $90,000, which they point out is less than $100 per horsepower with the 990bhp engine tune.

Critics Question the Fireball Camaro Durability
When I first detailed the for-sale Fireball 700 package, a great many people questioned how long the stock drivetrain would handle that extra power flowing through a transmission, driveshaft, rear differential and axles which were made to face 455 horsepower. The Fireball 900 package addresses the driveshaft and axle shaft concern, leaving the rear differential and the transmission untouched.

I have spoken with a handful of Hellcat owners making around 1,000 horsepower at the crankshaft, and it seems that when those folks are hitting the track, they are running into rear differential issues when launching very hard. This is why many of the quickest Hellcat cars have swapped to a heavier duty, racing rear end. Some of these folks have run into transmission issues as well, as that is in a car that came with 700+ horsepower. I have to really wonder how the stock Camaro transmission will stand up to years of 990 horsepower, but for those who aren’t concerned with gearbox longevity – the Fireball 900 Camaro is the simplest solution for a 6th gen Camaro SS with nearly 1,000 horsepower.

With any luck, someone will build a Fireball 900 Camaro and take it to the track to show what it can do on the quarter mile soon.


Aj Wright (not verified)    September 2, 2020 - 1:54AM

I have a fireball 900. 979rwhp on 91 pump gas. If ever in OKC, you are more than welcome to come check her out