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Fans Help Put the Ford Mustang in the Guinness Record Book

Ford Motor Company and the Guinness World Record folks have announced that the Ford Mustang has officially set the record for the most virtual signatures on an electronic greeting card – with 55,720 signing the online birthday card for the Mustang’s 50th.

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On April 9th, Ford Motor Company launched a minisite with an electronic birthday card, asking fans from around the world to sign the card and help with the Ford Mustang a happy 50th birthday. That 50th birthday came yesterday and when the Mustang opened up its virtual birthday card, 55,720 people had signed in just 9 days. The fact that the Mustang fans surpassed the 50,000 mark has officially put the Ford pony car in the Guinness Book of World Records for the most virtual signatures on an electronic card.

“It is my honor to be the official Guinness World Records adjudicator for Ford Mustang’s 50th birthday and to award Ford the Guinness World Records title for the most contributions to an e-greeting card celebrating the occasion,” said Johanna Hessling, adjudicator for Guinness World Records. “We wish Mustang many more milestone birthdays in the future!”

Along with the announcement that the Ford Mustang had indeed set the electronic birthday card record, Ford Motor Company offered up some facts on the card-signing campaign.

-April 10th saw the most signatures, with 10,534 people signing the Ford Mustang birthday card that day including myself and some of our TorqueNews readers who read my piece about the record attempt that morning.

-While Mustang fans from all over the world signed the virtual card, the countries with the most participation included the following ten countries – which were obviously led by the good ol USA. As an interesting point, take notice of the popularity in Germany, the UK, Spain and Australia, all of which will get the new Ford Mustang in dealerships for the first time in 2015.
United States
United Kingdom

“Mustang is an inspirational car, and it is no surprise its fans worldwide have been inspired to help make history on this very special occasion,” said Steve Ling, car marketing manager at Ford. “After an exciting week of celebrations globally, the Guinness World Records title is an extraordinary exclamation point on Mustang’s birthday today.’’

So, to all of those Ford Mustang fans around the world who signed the Mustang’s virtual 50th birthday card, congratulations on successfully putting your favorite performance car in the record books.

In addition to the Ford Mustang birthday card effort, Mustang fans numbering in the tens of thousands met up at events in Charlotte North Carolina, Las Vegas, Flush Meadows New York, Melbourne Australia, Beijing China, Toronto Canada and the Empire State Building to celebrate the Mustang’s 50th birthday. While there has been no mention of the global coverage of the birthday celebration being a record, never before has a single car been celebrated on a global level like the mighty Mustang.

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