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Dodge Rolls Out More Ron Burgundy 2014 Durango Ads

Last week, we brought you a first look at the new 2014 Dodge Durango commercials that feature funnyman Will Ferrell playing the part of his Anchorman character Ron Burgundy and after a great deal of early success – the Dodge YouTube channel has added four more videos pairing Burgundy with the new 3-row Dodge SUV.


As is to be expected, the newest batch of 2014 Dodge Durango commercials featuring Will Ferrell as Ron Burgundy are packed with the same type of delightfully foolish comedy as the first four and while that first grouping focused on the glove box, the fuel economy and a comparison of the Durango’s 5.7L Hemi to a white horse, these new commercials offer some new angles along with a repeat performance by the bright white horse.

Three of the videos include a pair of ballroom dancers who are using the 2014 Durango as a backdrop – which is something that we see from other automakers even though ballroom dancing really has no relevance to the vehicles being promoted. Fortunately, Ron Burgundy seems to recognize that and he is quick to chase the dancers away from the vehicle in three of the new spots (2 30 second clips and one longer, 1 minute clip). Ferrell is his familiar zany self as he runs the dancing couple away from the Durango and off of his set while doing a voiceover in two of the commercials while the third seems to be just the dancers until Ferrell pops out of the driver’s side rear door and chases them off of the stage like they are a couple spooky whitetail deer.

The last new 2014 Dodge Durango commercial with Ron Burgundy begins in a similar form to the previous commercial that proclaims how the new Durango is 360 times more powerful than a single horse but in this new spot, a tiny white horse walks into the frame and, assuming that this is the child of the horse being verbally berated, Burgundy is quick to apologize and attempts to make nice with the little animal. We have included all four of the new videos below.

Now, when we first reported on the new 2014 Dodge Durango ads featuring Saturday Night Live legend Will Ferrell, those who don’t find his form of slapstick-heavy comedy all that funny questioned the decision to go with the quirky, unusual TV spots. However, the people have spoken and since this new Ron Burgundy ad campaign was launched on YouTube on October 5th, they have gathered just shy of 5 million views. 5 million views in 10 days averages out to roughly a half million views per day for the 2014 Durango/Anchorman ad campaign and in the world of online advertising – those are numbers that make the decision to run this campaign tough to question.