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Dodge Rings in the New Year with a 797-Horsepower Challenger Hellcat Redeye

Dodge has created one final video for 2018, showcasing the 797-horsepower Challenger SRT Redeye Widebody counting down the final seconds of the year with a big, smoky burnout.

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It could be argued that Dodge does a better job of making enthusiast-friendly videos that are shared around the internet than any other automaker today. While the high performance brand makes plenty of “traditional commercials” for television with a normal format, the Dodge YouTube channel is chock full of videos that are designed for online use rather than TV broadcast.

In many of these videos, one or more Dodge product – often something supercharged – is destroying the rear tires. With that in mind, it is fitting that the brand has rolled out one final short video for 2018 with the Hellcat Challenger destroying a set of tires.

Hellcat New Year Countdown
In the video below, a large crowd counts down the final 5 seconds of the year as what looks to be a 2019 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye Widebody roars to life. It might be a non-Redeye with “only” 717 horsepower, but we suspect that it’s the Redeye. As the crowd hits 4, the Challenger begins to smoke the rear tires and as the countdown ends, the supercharged Dodge muscle car roars off into the night with the overlaid caption of “Other Count Down, We Count Up, Happy New Year”.

The video doesn’t offer anything groundbreaking, but this is just one more clip from Dodge that will quickly spread around social media that shows what a great job the high performance brand’s marketing department does of keeping their supercharged muscle cars on display on social media.

Crank up your speakers and enjoy, and from everyone at TorqueNews, Happy New Year!

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