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Dodge Offering a Limited Edition Challenger Hellcat Redeye Christmas Sweater

The Dodge Life store is selling a Challenger SRT Hellcat-themed Christmas sweater that if ordered now, will arrive in time for all of your holiday parties, allowing you to exercise your passion for Mopar performance while keeping in accordance with the season.


Dodge got a jump on the Christmas season last month with the video introduction of the Challenger SRT Hellcat Redeye sleigh, which we have included at the bottom of this piece. The Redeye Challenger sleigh even has a unique reindeer-themed Hellcat Redeye logo on the fenders and on the Dodge Life store, you can order a t-shirt with the reindeer Hellcat logo.

That is not the only Christmas-themed item on the Dodge Life website, as the high performance brand is also currently offering a Hellcat-themed Christmas sweater that might be intended to turn heads at ugly sweater parties, but the odds are good that most Dodge fans won’t find this long-sleeved knit shirt ugly at all.

Dodge Hellcat Redeye Unisex "Ugly" Holiday Sweater
The shirt on the right in the image above is listed on the Dodge Life website as the Dodge Hellcat Redeye Unisex "Ugly" Holiday Sweater. It has the Hellcat logo in the upper middle of the shirt on the front along with rows of the red Dodge “hashmark” logos scattered among rows of other, non-Dodge branded designs on the unique sweater.

These sweatshirts are only being offered on a limited edition basis and right now only XL and 2XL are left, meaning that small, medium and large have all sold out. The Hellcat sweatshirt has a list price on the Dodge Life website of $72.95, so it is a bit on the pricey side, but for a Dodge fan who gets dragged to ugly sweater parties, this is the perfect piece of clothing to express your enthusiasm for supercharged Dodge performance through the Christmas season.

Of course, if the $73 sweater is too much for your budget, the Dodge Hellcat Redeye Reindeer shirt on the left above is available in all sizes (S-2XL) and it is only $17.95.

Finally, if you plan on doing any of your Christmas shopping on the Dodge Life website, all orders of $75 or more placed this month come with free shipping, so if you have a Dodge lover in your life, the official merchandise website of the brand has a long list of gift options with a huge range in price.