2015 Ford F150 FX4
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A Closer Look at the 2015 Ford F150 FX4 Details

The recently released 2015 Ford F150 Appearance Guide revealed that the FX4 Off-Road package will return for the next generation F150, but the new FX4 will be marketed in a new way with a bigger emphasis on off-road performance for every 2015 model sold.

One of my favorite trimlines for the 2015 Ford F150 is the FX4 package and I had hoped to see it return for the 2015 F150. The current (2014) FX4 features a unique look with black cues from front to rear, presenting a dark, sporty look that I love. I had a 2013 FX4 test truck in dark red with black accents and I absolutely loved how it. The current FX4 F150 is, in my opinion, one of the best looking trucks on sale today.

The good news is that there will be a 2015 Ford F150 FX4 – the bad news is that it has changed from having a heavy impact on the appearance, now serving as more of a true off road performance package.

Introducing the 2015 Ford F150 FX4
While the FX4 package for the current 2014 F150 was a trimline of its own, the 2015 FX4 name is applied to an off road package that is available across the entire model range. Whether you are purchasing a 2015 F150 in XL, XLT, Lariat, King Ranch or Platinum form, so long as it has four wheel drive – you can get the new (Dealer Code 55A) FX4 package.

The 2015 Ford F150 FX4 package begins on the outside with a unique FX4 logo on the rear of the bedside but that is the only aesthetic aspect of the new FX4 package. What matters with the 2015 F150 FX4 package is that is includes Hill Descent Control, an electronic locking rear axle, off road tuned shock absorbers and underbody skid plates – a quartet of features that will help make any new 4x4 F150 better in almost any condition, be it a muddy off roading excursion or simply driving through a massive winter snow storm.

While the 2015 Ford F150 FX4 models won’t offer the same dark styling that I like so much about the current FX4, the trucks fitted with the new package should allow owners to push the new F150 to all new off roading levels. The 2015 F150 is expected to be the most fuel efficient and the most capable – it sounds as though the new FX4 will extend those advanced capabilities well beyond paved, dry roads.

Here’s Hoping for a New FX4 Appearance Package
The features on the outside of the 2014 Ford F150 FX4 that I liked to much are part of the FX4 Appearance Package, which added a bunch of black trim inside and out. On the outside, the appearance package added 4 inch black tubular side step bars, unique black fender and tailgate badging, dark stripes along the sides of the truck and across the hood and black 20” rims – all of which worked with the standard black grille and headlight bezels to create a great looking sport themed truck. On the inside, the FX4 Appearance Package added a unique steering wheel, uniquely painted surfaces through the cabin, a flow through center console and unique leather sport seats which - when combined with the exterior goodies – was worth every cent of the $2,400 upcharge.

The FX4 package will be more functional than ever and after falling in love with the look of the current F150 FX4 appearance, I have my fingers crossed to see a similar appearance option offered for the 2015 Ford F150.

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If you want the FX4 'look' that the previous FX4 offered, simply select the 'Sport' package for that trim. I ordered a 2015 Lariat FX4 and added the Sport package which offers the 'no-chrome' look that I love about my 2011 FX4.
I am waiting for the 2015 to roll out and I am looking for something very similar to what you ordered. Did you order the Mid 501A or Luxury 502A? Do you mind me asking how much?
Please keep me informed of these nice pkgs ( FX4 ) for the 2015 & up F150 ,Tks
That is the exact look I love as well, I ordered a 2015 lariat FX4 with the sport trim as well, I sure hope I end up with that 2014 look. should be in any day now. Big bucks though
Did you get the truck yet? have pictures does it look like the old FX4?
Does anyone know how the suspension differs with the fx4 package on the 2015 f150? Stiffer ride?
FX-4 . what is this mean 4x4 ? I am in the market for 2006 model but before I plunge into it I would like to know if its worth it . if it ain't a 4x4 I will not purchase it . 131k mikes for $10k
FX is actually an abbreviated code for "Special Effects". That terminology came out of the movie/TV industry, and Ford adopted it to it's FX4 Appearance Package. The "4" does signify 4x4.
I came to this site because my Ford dealer called to tell me of the 2015 FX4 he has for me. It's an XLT extended cab. Simply a beast. The look is fantastic in all black. The options included a center console shift, down hill button, rims/tires, skid plates,twin turbo, lock out diff,,power inverter and a bunch of other necessities. This is the truck to get! So, I traded in my 2014 XLT on this monster.
One of the key elements of our One Ford strategy is to build a better world, and so reaching out and providing assistance to our communities is an essential part of what we do.
Does the 2015 FX4 package come with the 36 gallon fuel tank? It used to, but the FX4 description in the 2015 F150 brochure simply says "fuel tank." I'm thinking it's a typo and it's meant to read "36-gallon fuel tank'?"