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Chrysler UAW members caught using drugs, again

Last September, a Detroit television station caught a group of Union Auto Workers from Chrysler’s Jefferson North Assembly Plant (JNAP) smoking marijuana and drinking alcohol during a break and once again, JNAP employees are in the hot seat for drug use on the job.

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According to the Detroit News, three workers from Chrysler’s Jefferson North Assembly Plant – the production home of the popular 2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee and 2011 Dodge Durango – were caught leaving during their lunch break to head to a nearby home. Allegedly, while at that Detroit home, the three UAW employees were smoking the marijuana. Local authorities were alerted to this possible activity and did the necessary surveillance to catch these pot smoking auto workers in the act.

Chrysler looks to have done a fine job of working with the police which comes as no surprise after the embarrassing incident last September. That fiasco, in which a bunch of JNAP employees were shown scurrying to their vehicles when TV crews rolled up on their lunchtime party, resulted in 13 employees losing their jobs. From the sounds of this new report of more drug use on the job, Chrysler plant management were tipped off to the activities and they alerted the County of Macomb Drug Enforcement Team who began tracking the activities of these workers when they left during their lunch breaks.

Names have not been released as the three Chrysler employees involved have not been arraigned but with any luck, this other employees will learn a lesson – this time. After the black eye caused by the first drug-and-drinking case, the company is going to make sure that employees are not breaking the law on the job, especially when the people building the vehicles could be impaired when they return to their stations. Luckily, the production process of plants like JNAP have so many redundant quality checks in place, the likelihood of a vehicle getting out of the plant with a mistake from an intoxicated employee are very poor.

Source: The Detroit News

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