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Chrysler increases reimbursement for consumers with special needs

Chrysler announced yesterday at the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association in Daytona Beach Florida that they were increasing their reimbursement program value to $1,000 for those consumers who require the assistance of items like wheelchair lifts or hand-controlled throttle and brake mechanisms.

Chrysler was the first major automaker to offer a reimbursement program for expenses relating to adaptive equipment for drivers and/or passengers with special needs, named the Automobility program. Items like a wheel chair lift or hand controls are very costly but without them, some drivers would not be able to drive and others wouldn’t be able to get into their vehicle at all.

Ram brand CEO and Lead Executive of US sales Fred Diaz had this to say about the announcement of the $1,000 reimbursement program:
“We continue to have an unwavering commitment to the continued success of the Automobility Program so that our special-needs customers can fully participate in society and enjoy the freedom and independence that automotive transportation makes possible.”

Chrysler’s Automobility program has previously offered a $1,000 maximum on only the Chrysler Town & Country and the Dodge Grand Caravan, as minivan are among the most popular vehicles for a wheelchair lift. Other vehicles that would not accommodate a wheelchair lift like Ram trucks, Jeeps or any variety of Dodge and Chrysler coupes and sedans were applicable for the Adaptive Equipment Reimbursement program but they had a maximum reimbursement value of just $750. Effective immediately, all new vehicles from Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep and Ram are eligible for the full $1,000 reimbursement for a variety of modifications provided for those drivers and passengers who require special items to comfortably drive or ride in their vehicle.

In a very competitive automotive industry, something like a $1,000 reimbursement for an item that a driver absolutely must have in order to drive could make for a great incentive to pick a Chrysler, Jeep, Ram or Dodge vehicle over one of the competitors and this programs shows a move by the Chrysler Group to make acquiring these driving aids more affordable.

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