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Build Your 627hp 2015 Shelby GT Mustang Online Now

While the performance world was so focused on the new Ford Shelby GT350R Mustang that debuted in Detroit, the arrival of the 625 horsepower Shelby GT Mustang almost snuck by without much notice, but today, we bring you the first look at the build page for the next generation Shelby GT.


First off, let me clarify for any skimmers out there that in this piece, we are talking about the newest Shelby GT post-title package for the 2015 Ford Mustang GT – not the new Shelby GT350 or GT350R that have been introduced by Ford Motor Company at the last two major American auto shows. While the new GT350 Mustangs will feature a new flat plane V8 engine and supreme handling capabilities, the Shelby GT is a big-power package for new Mustang GT owners who find the standard 430 ponies to be a little light.

The 2015 Shelby GT Mustang
The 2015 Shelby GT post-title package is designed to take the 2015 Ford Mustang GT and transform it from a solid competitor in today’s performance car market to a nearly unbeatable machine. On the outside, the Shelby GT package adds collection of unique carbon fiber body bits, including the hood, the front splitter, the side rocket sills, the two-piece rear diffuser, the rear deck lid, the low profile trunk spoiler, the mirror covers and a hood extension kit. There are also unique Shelby GT stripes, Shelby badging all around, Powered By Ford badges, a faux Shelby gas cap and a washer relocation package – all of which work together to give the Shelby-modified Mustang GT a very unique look.

On the inside, the 2015 Shelby GT Mustang has Shelby branded headrests, a CSM dash and engine plaque, a three-gauge carbon fiber gauge pod, Shelby GT door sill plates and Shelby floormats.

The meat of the package is the Ford Racing supercharger package, which increases the output from 430 to 627 horsepower. This package also comes with a Borla/Shelby exhaust system, Ford Racing half shafts, a Ford Racing handling package with new shocks, springs and sway bars, a Ford Racing short throw shifter, a Wilwood front brake package, 3.73 gears and 20 inch Shelby Venice wheels wrapped in high performance Michelin tires.

Optional Items
While a Shelby GT Mustang with 627 horsepower, Ford Racing suspension and Wilwood front brakes seems like all that someone could want, Shelby has some optional upgrades that will make this unique Mustang even more incredible. This includes a 700 horsepower supercharger upgrade, a rear big brake package, a front brake cooling system, the Shelby extreme engine cooling package, an adjustable track ready suspension package, a unique Shelby interior package and various dressup items for the interior and exterior.

Build the Shelby GT Online
The folks at Shelby American know how to put together a great configurator tool so it should come as no surprise that the build page on the Shelby site for the 2015 Shelby GT Mustang is a fun way to burn some time.

When you first open the 2015 Shelby GT configurator, you are given the option of either a coupe or convertible along with your choice of ten different exterior colors. As you pick your body style and color, the image at the top of the page refreshes to reflect your changes. In standard form, the Shelby GT Mustang comes with high gloss exposed carbon fiber on the hood, hood vents, rocker sills and rear spoiler, but you can opt to have any of these items painted in the build tool. This page also allows you to pick which wheel finish you prefer (machined with black, silver or black) and your choice of five different stripe colors (black, silver, red, white, blue). Before moving on, I would pick a Competition Orange coupe with a painted hood, blue stripes and black wheels, leaving the vents, rocker sills and rear spoiler exposed carbon fiber.

On the option page for the2015 Shelby GT Mustang, you can add things like the Shelby/Wilwood rear brake upgrade ($2,995), a $795 caster/camber kit, two different Shelby/Katzkin leather interior packages ($2,995), 3M Window tint ($495), 3M Clear Paint Protection ($1,595), a serialized Shelby car cover ($395) and a $2,500 track delivery program. No other options are listed, so it is unclear how much a buyer can expect to pay for the 700hp upgrade or the track suspension, but those should arrive online in the future. Were I building my own Shelby GT, I would opt for the rear brake package, the castor/camber package, the Shelby/Katzkin leather Recaro seats, the window tint and the track delivery package.

Shelby GT Pricing
The 2015 Shelby GT package for the 2015 Ford Mustang carries an MSRP of $39,995, and that obviously does not include the cost of the Mustang GT needed to build the Shelby GT. My ideal build that is detailed above with the painted hood and the other optional upgrades would have a package price of $50,280 and if you pick every possible option currently listed on the Shelby website, the Shelby GT package will cost you $52,765. When you add that package price to the least expensive possible 2015 Ford Mustang GT ($33,125 with destination), a Shelby GT Mustang will cost you $73,120 if you don’t pick any of the options and if you pick every option – you are looking at a Mustang that will set you back $85,885.

Click here to build your own 2015 Shelby GT Mustang on the Shelby American website.