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August Camaro of the Month: Jason Smith's 1980 Camaro RS

The TorqueNews/Camaros Unlimited Camaro of the Month for August 2017 is this gorgeous 1980 Chevrolet Camaro RS owned by Jason Smith.

Each and every month, TorqueNews works with the members from the Camaros Unlimited Facebook page to select our Camaro of the Month. The process begins with the members of the Camaros Unlimited Facebook page – more than 41,000 of them – nominating their favorite Chevrolet Camaro owned by a fellow member of the page. Once five (sometimes six) cars/owners have been nominated, the voting begins and when the balloting closes – we have our Camaro of the Month.

For August 2017, the Camaro of the Month is the beautiful red and black 1980 Chevrolet Camaro RS owned by Jason Smith. We spoke to Jason about his super clean Chevy muscle car and below, you will find the story of his Camaro.

Jason Smith’s 1980 Camaro RS
I bought this car when I was eighteen years old (twenty years ago) from my brother. The reason I bought this particular car was because I was raised with a love for Camaros and it was affordable enough for my part time job. Little did I know how much money I would spend on my car in the future.

When I got my Camaro its color was primer grey and the interior wasn't in the best condition. Throughout the years it has been painted and the interior has been completely redone. There is not a bolt on this car I haven't turned. Also, there have been a number of different engine's in my car in the past twenty years, but I have recently swapped to a 6.0 LS engine, turbo 350 trans, and 373 gears in the rear-end, which is a good combination for what I do with the car. The car does see the race track every now and then, but mostly enjoy loading the family up and going to car shows. I have no intention of my car ever being sold, because the car will one day belong to my daughter.

I can't take all of the credit for the work that has been put into the car. My wife Tiffany, my mother Kathy, and my aunt Dorothy have all done an amazing job on the interior while my cousin Keith painted the car and other family and friends that have helped through the years.

My Camaro RS will never be completely finished, as I add new parts to the car on a regular basis. There is always something new I like and want to upgrade. Also a big thanks to everyone who voted for my car on Camaros Unlimited to be Camaro of the Month.

Congratulations to Jason Smith and his 1980 Camaro RS for winning the TorqueNews/Camaros Unlimited Camaro of the Month for August 2017. If you would like to participate in the Camaro of the Month program with your Chevy muscle car, click here to join Camaros Unlimited!