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All-Wheel Drive Dodge Challenger Plays in the Snow in New Commercial

FCA recently announced that 2017 would bring about the new Dodge Challenger GT with standard all-wheel drive – marking the first time that an American “muscle coupe” has been offered with something other than rear wheel drive – and this new Challenger trimline is featured in the new Dodge commercial while frolicking in the Alaskan snow.

This new Dodge Challenger GT is the first ever muscle car (by the traditional definition – not looking to offend Charger owners) to have all-wheel drive, so what better way to show off the new AWD Dodge coupe than to have it racing around in the snow. After all, the V6-powered Challenger GT is aimed more at those folks who want to drive their muscle car year round more than those folks looking for supreme high performance traction at the track, so with the new commercial, Dodge took the AWD Challenger to Alaska for a little fun in the snow.

Challenger Russia Ad
This new Dodge Challenger GT commercial is titled Russia, which might seem odd at first – but there is a good explanation in the video. As they explain, there is a portion of Russia that you can see from Alaska, so in theory, folks in that part of Russia should be able to hear what is going on in the good ol’ USA. With that in mind, those Russians would – in theory – be able to see the all-wheel drive American muscle car sliding around in the snow, making short work of the slippery surface without a care in the world.

Of course, no video showing an American muscle car thumbing its nose at Russia is complete without some rock music, so as the Challenger GT plays in the snow, AC/DC’s “For Those About to Rock” blares in the background – but that is added on the videos, so the Russians likely can’t hear that. It is probably better that way though, as AC/DC is a British band, but the free spirited message of the go-anywhere Dodge Challenger GT is well received in this new commercial.

So, if you live somewhere that gets a great deal of snow each year, check out the new Dodge Challenger GT commercial below for a closer look at how well the first ever all-wheel drive “muscle coupe” gets around in fairly deep snow.


Muscle Head (not verified)    December 14, 2016 - 11:33PM

Hmm, AC/DC is Australian not British.
I live in the Yukon and can tell you that muscle cars are few and far between up here. Most folks have trucks and SUVs (and listen to AC/DC).