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2016 Challenger Configurator Fires Up, Hellcat Starts at $65,190

We have already discussed leaked pricing for the 2016 Dodge Challenger last month, but now that the 2016 Challenger configurator page has gone live on, we have positive confirmation of all of the pricing figures – with the 707hp Hellcat Challenger starting at $65,190 with gas guzzler tax and destination fees.


Yesterday we brought you the news of the 2016 Dodge Charger configurator tool going live on and today, we bring you the official pricing on the 2016 Dodge Challenger. As was the case with the Charger, our leaked preliminary pricing for the Challenger was a few hundred dollars off on a couple of trimlines, but the vast majority of our preliminary figures match up with the official prices for 2016.

2016 Dodge Challenger Lineup Pricing
Based on the 2016 Dodge Challenger configurator, the preliminary pricing that we discussed last month for the SXT, SXT+, R/T, R/T+, R/T Scat Pack, 392 Hemi Scat Pack Shaker, SRT 392 and SRT Hellcat are all accurate. Our leaked figures last month showed price increases of $200 to both the R/T Shaker and R/T+ Shaker, but the official prices for the 2016 models appear to be the same as those of the 2015 models.

In short, all of the prices for the 2016 Dodge Challenger non-SRT models remain unchanged from 2015. Hurray!

The “bad news” is that if you were waiting for 2016 to buy a new Challenger in SRT 392 or Hellcat trim, you will be paying significantly more for the new model year – even before any dealership markup. For 2015, the SRT 392 started at $46,695 (including $1,000 gas guzzler fee but not including $995 in destination fees) while the SRT Hellcat Challenger started at $59,995 (including $1,700 gas guzzler tax, but not the $995 destination fees). When you add in the various fees for each, the 2015 Challenger SRT 392 actually started at $47,690 while the Hellcat started at $60,990.

For 2016, the SRT 392 starts at $51,190 (including gas guzzler and destination) while the Hellcat starts at a lofty $65,190 – making the 392 model $3,500 more and the Hellcat $4,200 more for the 2016 model year. We knew that these price hikes were coming, but the launch of the 2016 Challenger configurator makes it official. Fortunately for Dodge, I don’t think that these higher prices will have any real impact on sales.

Official Model Pricing for 2016 Challenger:
Trim – 2016 Base Price – All models subject to $995 destination fee
SXT – $26,995
SXT+ - $29,995
R/T – $31,995
R/T+ - $34,995
R/T Shaker - $35,795
R/T + Shaker - $38,795
Scat Pack – $38,995 (Includes $1,000 gas guzzler fee)
392 Hemi Scat Pack Shaker - $43,595 (Includes $1,000 gas guzzler fee)
SRT 392 - $50,195 (Includes $1,000 gas guzzler fee)
SRT Hellcat – $64,195 (Includes $1,700 gas guzzler fee)

Pricing Out the 2016 Challenger Hellcat
The 2016 Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcat has a starting price of $65,190 and that price includes the 6-speed manual transmission. Adding the 8-speed automatic transmission adds $2,995 and other options include the engine block heater ($95), the Power Sunroof ($1,995), red seat belts ($195), the satin black hood ($1,995) and summer performance tires ($595). If you go through the 2016 Challenger SRT Hellcat build and pick every available option – including one of the premium paint options which add $500 to the final price – the fully loaded 2016 Hellcat Challenger tops out at $73,365.

That is a big chunk of change, but when you consider the fact that the 2016 Challenger SRT Hellcat will comfortably thrash cars that cost 3-4 times more – the supercharged Mopar muscle car is still a bargain in the world of 700+ horsepower production street cars.