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2015 Ford Mustang Featured in New Shirt Series

The 2015 Ford Mustang has quickly built the same passionate following as every other Mustang in the last 50 years and to help lovers of the 2015 Mustang show off the vehicle that they love so much – Ford has rolled out a new collection of t shirts sporting the face of the 2015 model and a few from generations past.

I don’t have specific statistics, but I am confident that the Ford Mustang has to be one of the most heavily marketed vehicles in the world outside of the world of new car sales. From Hot Wheels to Power Wheels, from video games to wearables, the Mustang is a licensing beast for Ford Motor Company. Although there were some critics of the 2015 Mustang, this new model has already built demand for new toys, t shirts and everything else so Ford Motor Company has rolled out a new t-shirt collection for those Mustang fans who want to show off their passion everywhere they go.

Ford Driven By Design 2015 Mustang Shirts
The new Driven by Design line of 2015 Ford Mustang t-shirts are unique from your average t-shirt with a car on it thanks to how the design on the shirt was created. Instead of having an artist from a clothing company create the images for these t-shirts, Ford had their apparel people work with the design team members who created the 2015 Mustang. Using actual design sketches of the 2015 Mustang, these shirts offer a unique look that you won’t find from other apparel retailers (except for those who sell officially licensed Ford apparel).

The Ford Driven By Design collection offers seven 2015 Ford Mustang t-shirts, with 3 for the ladies and 3 for men. Two of the ladies’ shirts and three of the men’s shirts feature the front end of the 2015 Mustang while the other shirt – available in slightly different forms for him and her – has the new Mustang along with a collection of 1st generation model sketches as well (the black shirts in the image above). I’m a sucker for the look of automotive evolution, so this is by far my favorite shirt, but those who prefer the newest Mustang on its own have several great choices.

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