The DeLorean DMC-12 Electric
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The 2013 DeLorean DMC12 Electric in action on the track

Last week, TorqueNews brought you the surprising announcement that the new DeLorean Motor Company would be producing a new electric version of their legendary DMC-12 sports car – gullwing doors and all – and today we have our first look at one of these vehicles in action at Houston Motorsports Park.

This video was evidently captured by a DeLorean enthusiast who attended the modern company’s open house earlier this month – at which point they were given a chance to test drive a prototype of the 2013 DeLorean DMC-12 Electric (click here for more on the electric DeLorean). In the video below, Cameron Wynne (son of DeLorean Motor Company owner Stephen Wynne) is behind the wheel so we can surmise that the vehicle shown in the video is one of the official company prototype vehicles and the guy riding shotgun has somehow earned the right to ride with the owner’s son around the track at Houston Motorsports Park. We don’t know much more about this video, shy of the fact that the guy doing the shooting probably isn’t a professional hired for his steady hand.

A few things to note in the video is the high tech switch panel mounted in place of the gasoline powered DeLorean DMC-12’s shifter and above it, a modern touchscreen infotainment system – both of which were displayed in the official company images of the new DMC-12 Electric. The video doesn’t offer us any insight into the drivetrain but it shows that the DMC-12 in the video is moving around the track at a pretty good clip without any sort of engine sound so we can assume that this is powered by an electric drivetrain. Also, after a few quick laps, Wynne pulls the car into the pits and announces that he doesn’t want to kill the battery before coming to a stop – using the knob on the shift console to put the car into park before shutting it off.

Check out the video below for yourself of what looks to be a prototype of the 2013 DeLorean DMC-12 Electric in action on the track. While the video doesn’t teach us much, it proves that there is indeed a fully functional DeLorean DMC-12 powered by an electric drivetrain so the future of the DeLorean brand could be very bright. I guess that I could make a joke about the future being “bright green” or something but with a price tag expected to sit somewhere in the range of $100,000 – owners of this awesome new electric vehicle will likely be a very exclusive club.

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