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The 2012 Nissan GT-R will get more power, R-Spec model

Rumors suggest that the 2012 model year could be the last for the current incarnation (R35) of the Nissan GT-R but the Japanese automaker isn’t coasting to the finish line – as they have announced upgrades for 2012 that add power and cut weight from the turbocharged supercar.

According to the Japanese Direct Market (JDM) auto news site, the 2012 Nissan GT-R will offer an additional 30 horsepower, jumping from 530 to 560hp after being introduced in 2007 with 480hp. Next, inside sources suggest that the 2012 GT-R will tip the scales somewhere in the area of 70lbs lighter than the current models and the premium trim Spec V will be superseded by a new Spec R package that will look to incorporate all of the track ready abilities into one amazing package.

Unfortunately, also reports that the damage to various Nissan facilities and suppliers have caused the company to push back the final development and testing stages for the 2012 GT-R. While none of the details of the 2012 GT-R have been made official by Nissan, some rumors have suggested that the testing was pushed back to the end of this month while others indicate that it could be well into the fall before Nissan puts the 2012 GT-R to the final tests prior to hitting dealerships around the world.

Finally, we also learn that the weight reduction efforts will result in improved fuel economy figures for the 2012 Nissan GT-R, even though the Japanese supercar will pack more power than the outgoing models. The odds are pretty good that most Nissan GT-R buyers couldn’t care any less about how many miles per gallon they will get but with the GT-R poised to stake its claim as one of the fastest and best performing cars on the market today – it is nice to know that the amazing supercar is getting a little “greener” as well.


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