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This is the 1st Ever American Ford Focus RS Ad

The 2016 Ford Focus RS will be the first “RS” badged vehicle sold here in the United States and today, we have the first ever advertisement for the high performance all-wheel drive hatchback – featuring a whole lot of tire smoke and drifting.

The Ford Focus RS has long been a dominating force in the European performance car scene, but American hot hatch fans have always been unable to buy Ford’s most powerful compact – until 2016. The 2016 Focus RS will introduce American Ford fans to the pinnacle in compact performance, with a 2.3L EcoBoost engine that delivers 345 horsepower and 347lb-ft of torque to all four wheels via an advanced all-wheel drive system and a proper manual transmission. Best of all, the Focus RS has a starting price of just over $36k, so this little beast won’t break the bank.

Based on the strong sales of the Ford Focus ST, the new Focus RS should prove to be incredibly popular in the US and if I was a betting man – I would wager that they will be hard to get ahold of when they first hit the market.

In any case, Ford Motor Company has rolled out the first advertisement for the 2016 Focus RS as part of the new By Design campaign. This is Ford’s first car-specific advertising push, with the first four short videos promoting the Focus RS, the Mustang, the Fusion and the Focus Electric.

The Ford Focus RS Advertising Begins
While Ford Motor Company has offered up some testing videos of the 2016 Ford Focus RS, as well as the introduction video from Germany where Ken Block hooned the new RS into our hearts, this is the first actual advertisement made for the company’s hottest hatch ever. The title talks about how the Focus RS “hugs curves and curls toes”, working the double entendre angle very nicely – right down to some romantic music playing on an old record player as the Focus RS blasts into view.

Of course, the Focus RS is hugging curves as it drifts around the record player and for anyone inside, that drifting action would surely curl some toes.

I do find it interesting that Ford is pushing the whole “drift” angle of the Focus RS so hard. One of the drive modes is designed for drifting the AWD hatchback, but I would imagine that owners will spend more time drag racing and road racing than drifting, if for no other reason than the greater support for those two primary forms of motorsport.

Anyways, while we wait for the final, official specifications on the 2016 Ford Focus RS, crank up your speakers and enjoy the first ad for the first American-bound RS.