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Why can’t every driving experience be a quiet one?

Having a Hyundai Sonata means that one has a car that looks cutting edge, is reliable and feels good when driving it. Could Hyundai further improve Sonata? Yes! It could be quieter like the older Sonata.

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Hyundai Sonata is better than most cars in its category; however, maybe the next Sonata addresses some complaints while being quieter and getting better gas mileage.

When speaking of noise inside the cabin of the car, there are three main types: road noise, wind noise and engine noise.

There have been car tests conducted on American roads before, but the luxury cars don’t count. The rough roads are hard on every day passenger cars, which are often poorly isolated. The result is pretty fierce road noise – the roughness of the asphalt creates vibrations that, via the wheels, are transported into the chassis, producing a low-frequency road noise. This type of noise is the most treacherous since its monotonous sound makes drivers tired and dangerous drivers.

Hyundai produces some very nice cars and compared with its cars of ten years ago, they are by far, the near best of their categories. Since having bought a 2011 Hyundai Sonata, and still using a 2010 Sonata, I have noticed several things.

Hyundai Sonata Noise Due To Tire Change

By merely changing to a different brand tire can make a big difference in terms of road noise. The 10’ has Michelins and is currently doing well at 47k, but the 11’ had Kumho’s which no doubt probably was used to cut costs and since the Kumho’s didn’t last past the 40k mark, I decided on Bridgestone’s. These are very quiet, and reserved.

2010 Sonata Cabin Was Quieter

Tires aside, the cabin noise is somewhat quieter in the older 10’ Sonata. Is it because Hyundai was cutting cost during the 1st year of the new design and the 2010 Sonata was in it’s last year of production that had been upgraded the last few years for sales?

By the time Hyundai rolls out the 2016 Sonata, I will be ready to trade my 10’ in on maybe a new, quiet Sonata Hybrid or is that car going to be another example of cost cutting? Time will tell.

Written by John Schmidt
Quality Manager @ WTS / Owner @ Divine Classics

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