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When We Can Expect Tesla Model 3 in Stores and Showrooms

Tesla has about 400,000 Model S preorders and it has not even started manufacturing them, but here is when you can expect to see Model 3s in showrooms and stores.

To find out answer to the question of when we will see the first Model 3s in showrooms I called the local Tesla center and asked. The person on the other side of the line said that Tesla Model 3s are not yet being manufactured. The earliest deliveries of Model 3 are excepted to arrive in late 2017 and that when we can expect to see some Model 3s in showrooms and stores.

First Tesla Model 3s in Showrooms in late 2017

I am even thinking that when Tesla starts delivering the first preorders of Model 3 it is not going to send them to showrooms but to the customers directly. Therefore, the first Tesla Model 3 in stores will appear probably in early 2018 unless Tesla ships the preorders to local showrooms and asks the dustomers to pick them up from the stores. Also, expect the first ones to appear closer to the Tesla factory in Freemont, CA.

No Early Test Drives

it is logical to think that we shouldn't expect any early test drives of Model 3. Tesla has so many preorders that because of this backlog any company would first fill its orders and wouldn't keep any showroom inventory for quite some time. Don't you think? Simple there is no need to keep Model 3s in showrooms.

Now, when the company clears the backlog and lowers the demand, then it can supply few demo cars to begin generating new orders. Right now, Tesla's current number of order represents almost a year of its anticipated production.

Therefore, expect to see Tesla Model 3 in showrooms at least several months after the company starts the production.

Reservation Holders May Want To See Model 3 in Showrooms

On the other hand, something else may happen. I think some or even many Model 3 reservation holders may want to see their future EV in a showroom. After all, they have been waiting for so long. Being sensitive of this, Tesla executives may decide to send limited number of Model 3s to showrooms of those cities where they have large numbers of preorders. Thus, some reservation holders can see their future car, possibly test drive it before their order is shipped to them.

A physical test drive would be a nice thing. Who knows, may be Tesla organizes a test drive for a group of reservation holders before shipping their electric car to them.


warren (not verified)    September 18, 2016 - 11:31AM

It would be wise if they would have demo cars in stores so reservation holders can decide on options/upgrades.

My rational side tells me I don't need a larger battery, better sound system, or ludicrous mode. Now if i had the chance to experience these options compared to a base model I bet my pocket book opens up immediately.

Stephen (not verified)    March 30, 2017 - 9:32AM

I expect to see the Model 3 in showrooms very soon after production begins. This will help:
- generate more pre-orders
- manage the expectations of current reservation holders
- favor up-sell when configuring the car