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When I was buying this Corvette the salesman slammed his hand on his desk

The day James Williams from Arlington, Texas was buying his 2002 Chevy Corvette Z06 the dealership's salesman slammed his hand on his desk and asked a question Williams. Find out what happened next.

I originally bought this 2002 Corvette Z06 to drag race. That lasted about a year before motor was trashed, so after putting a ton of money into the car I decided to turn it into a show car.

It's the first car that I have owned that I have a true love for, the aggressive look that has haunted me for years is now complete and is a true style of the "bad boy" that's instilled in me. My car is me with the attitude to go along with it .

I stumbled across this Corvette, when getting ready to buy a 2010 Ford Cobra. I had actually told the salesman there at the Ford dealership in Arlington, Texas that I needed another day to think about the 65,000 dollar investment to I was was fixing to make. The man actually slammed his hand on his desk and said Mr. Williams what kinda of car are you really wanting. I told him that red Z06 is really what I am wanting, but there is no way that I could afford a Vette.

The guy looks at me and just laughs and says Mr. Williams that Corvette is 45,000 dollars cheaper than the cobra that you are fixing to buy. Thus, I bought the car. That's why it's special to me , I was stunned. This 2002 Corvette Z06 is my East Texas Beauty now.

Exterior upgrades

  • 2009 Z06 Spyders wheels
  • Rear tires 325/30/19 X 12 ----- 57 mm offset made for the C5 corvette extremely rare to find these without having to tub the rear end or use a spacer
  • Carbon Fiber pieces are all from American HydroCarbon
  • Front chin splitter is a ZR1 style made for a C5 Z06
  • Side Skirts are also ZR1 style made for a C5 Z 06
  • Rear Spoiler also Carbon fiber

Other Details

  • Corvette is a 2002 Z06
  • It's been heavily modded , it has the original block still in the car , it is now a true 383 cubic inch
  • PRC heads
  • 4 inch crank
  • High output oil pump
  • Springs , rods , valves have all been upgraded
  • Mallory high output fuel pump
  • Dewitt's radiator
  • Monster clutch
  • Kooks headers and H pipe
  • Magna Flow exhaust
  • All motor upgrades were performed by East Texas Muscle Cars owner Stephen Covington
  • Car will run in the mid 7s in the 1/8 mile


Jules (not verified)    January 22, 2014 - 2:36PM

Your car is one of the hottest c5's I've ever seen. Where did you get those wheels. They look like 19x10 in the front.

Very Cool!