police from truck jumps into semi-truck
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Watch Hero Police Officer Leap Onto Moving Semi-Truck To Save The Driver

The driver in this video isn't trying to evade an arrest. He is having a diabetic attack. But watch how this deputy heroically jumped into a moving semi-truck at 25 miles per hour to save the life of the driver and others while risking his own.

"It was just one of those things we had to get done," said Sgt. Volk to Wowt, the man who ran across traffic and leaped onto the moving semi-truck moving an estimated 25 miles per hour. He also said that they had dispatched other police vehicles to clear the road, while this operation was taking place.

Deputy Heroically Leaps Onto Moving Semi-Truck

INCREDIBLE VIDEO! A Madison County Sheriff's deputy runs across Highway 81 to bring a semi-truck to a stop after it's driver had a medical episode. More details in the video/online: http://www.wowt.com/home/headlines/Deputy-Leaps-Onto-Moving-Semi-Brings-It-To-A-Stop-Following-Lengthy-Pursuit-362692141.html

Posted by Matthew Smith on Wednesday, December 16, 2015

This officer is incredible that he was able to stop his Patrol car and dodge traffic across the highway jump in the semi and get it stopped.tthat not only a very fit officer but can think on the move. A job well done. Thank you for a great service to your counity I hope the semi driver made it but the officer saved more lives from what the semi would have it, commented Facebook user Carol Sass.

Indeed a job well-done! One note, though Carol. The officer did an amazing job, but when he exited his truck, he didn't have to dodge traffic. The other vehicles in the video were also sheriff's trucks (note the flashing lights). All of the officers did an amazing job coordinating their efforts to control traffic and allow Sgt. Volk to perform his literally death-defying act of heroism, said another use named Paul Schulhaus.

May God bless this police officer and the truck drivers invovled. This deputy is clearly a hero.

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